122 Survival Gear Items to Help You Survive a Disaster

survival gear items

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As preppers we all know that the day we have been getting ready for will surely come. The thought can be scary but as long as we have our supplies, complete and hidden away, we have a better chance of getting through the worst disasters.

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1 122 Survival Gear Items to Help You Survive a Disaster

122 Survival Gear Items to Help You Survive a Disaster

In addition to the usual list of necessities, we have put together some survival gear items that could save your life when faced with SHTF situations. Some of the materials may not seem necessary for now, but they just might help you survive difficult circumstances.

1. Knife

The most basic survival tool on the face of the earth. Period.

2. Sunscreen

If you are caught in the middle of nowhere, you'll need protection from the sun.

3. Tactical pen

A secret weapon like this can come in handy in a tight situation.

4. Emergency radio

It's important to be informed of the latest developments in your area.


5. Poncho

A poncho has many survival uses, so make sure you have one.

6. Laptop

Purists would not like this gadget around, but a computer is undeniably very useful.


7. Crovel

This incredible tool will be very useful after a disaster.

8. Emergency blanket

Small and light, but very effective in keeping you warm.


9. Water purification tablets

Safe drinking water may be hard to find in the aftermath.

10. Sleeping bag

When you have to bug out, you need a comfortable place to sleep in.


11. CRKT Guppie

A compact multi-tool in your bag or pocket could save the day.

12. Beanie

When you are out there in the cold, you need to keep your head warm.


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13. Pantyhose

It won't take up a lot of space and it's virtually weightless, so keep one in your kit.


14. Bicycle

You may lose your car in a disaster or gas may become scarce.


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15. Self-defense weapon

People will become desperate after SHTF. Having something to defend yourself would be vital.


16. Dental floss

In case you lose your toothbrush, at least there is a cleaning substitute.


17. Solar USB charger

Disasters often cause power grid failure. Get ready for those scenarios with this device.

18. Emergency raft

It would be comforting to know that you have a raft when flooding threatens your area.



19. Jump starter

This, along with the jumper cables, could spell the difference between getting stranded and getting help.

20. Hat/headgear

In addition to protecting your head, this hat can store a mini survival kit.



21. Firestarter

In survival situations, starting a fire easily and quickly would be a big help.


22. Water bottle

You will surely need some kind of water container when SHTF.


23. Stove

Because you have to eat, whatever the disaster may be.

24. Binoculars

Being able to look far ahead or into the distance provides so many advantages.


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25. Whistle

Sometimes all you need is a whistle to get the attention of rescuers.

26. Compass

A compass helps you find the way out of dangerous places and even people.


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27. Leatherman Squirt

Having plenty of tools is never a bad idea when things go from bad to worse.

28. Gloves

Gloves protect your hands from injury while at work and in the cold. Always wear the appropriate gloves for the situation.



29. Paper plates

Disposable plates save a lot of water and, of course, energy in critical times.

30. Rubber boots

It's dangerous to walk around in mud or floodwaters.


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31. Strap wrench

Use this tool for anything that needs a strong grip and twisting motion.

32. Life jacket

You will need this if you live in low-lying areas, but still, you never know when it will be useful.


33. Flashlight

To be able to see in the dark during a disaster could save your life.

34. Tool kit

In any disaster, you'll have to do everything yourself including fixing things.


35. Carrying equipment

An ALICE pack is the way to go when your BOB is not enough.

36. Wool socks

Keep your feet dry and warm with these wool socks.



37. Cooling towel

Frogg Toggs work way better than the cotton variety when it comes to heat and sweat.

38. Can opener

Because you need something to open your stacks of canned goods.


39. Carabiner

Carabiners are strong, tough, and have a lot of survival uses.

40. Camelbak Hydrobak

You can carry drinking water along while your hands are free.


41. Biolite stove

A small, portable stove that charges your devices, too.

42. Power bank

An extra battery pack is a must-have with all the electronics that we carry around.


43. Machete

When you're out in the wilderness, you should have a machete with you.

44. Rechargeable batteries

It's better to invest in these so you won't have to worry about running to the store when the batteries run out. That is if there are still stores by then.


45. Blowgun

This is the stealth weapon you have been waiting for; light, quiet, and lethal.

46. Emergency candles

Candles do not need batteries or chargers, making them reliable when the power goes off.


47. Camping mat

Because the ground can be hard and cold when you bug out.

48. Power generator

Whether it's just an outage or the power grid has failed, a generator will always be useful.


49. Food dehydrator

You can start dehydrating your fruits and vegetables for long-term storage.

50. Ziploc bags

Use these packs to make your items water-tight, and protect them from dust, among others.


51. Lifestraw

You can drink straight from the water source using this device.

52. Jumper cable

When your car doesn't seem to be starting because of a weak battery, you will need these.



53. Berkey water filter

You will need to drink water but first, it has to be clean and safe.

54. Fishing pole

It is much easier to catch fish when you have complete equipment.


55. Crossbow

Who would have thought that a medieval weapon could still be effective for hunting and defending?

56. CB radio

Citizens band radio may seem outdated but it's still an effective way to get help.



57. Compound bow

This bow makes a powerful yet quiet weapon for hunting and defense.

58. Emergency flares

When you need help, you need to get the attention of other people.



59. Evac3

You don't want to be trapped in a vehicle in a flood or fire.

60. Folding saw

You can cut wood for fire, build a shelter, and many more.


61. Firekable

What's not to love about a survival bracelet that can be used for so many things?

62. Fire extinguisher

Fire can be very dangerous. Be sure to have an extinguisher at home and in your car.


63. Microfish survival kit

This is one small kit but it could be the solution to your search for food.

64. Oxygen can or tank

You never know when this will become useful. It could save your life one day.


65. Handcuff key

Don't let the bad guys win. Escape and live to survive.

66. Respirator/gas mask

This item has become synonymous with preppers but when the big one comes, it will be useful.


67. Poplamp

You will learn to appreciate having a light source when a disaster strikes.

68. Bug out bag

This is where you will put all your light and portable survival items.



69. Tactical flashlight

When the lights go out in any SHTF situation, this flashlight is a great companion.

70. All-weather tent

Shelter is a basic survival need. Invest in a good tent.


71. Watch

Go for one that gives more than the time, because you never know.

72. Cast iron cookware

You need to eat to survive. These will ensure you have a warm, delicious meal wherever you may be.


73. Socket wrench

Emergency repairs may be needed when a disaster takes place.

74. Cellphone

By far one of the most accessible pieces of tech today that may just save your life in a disaster.


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75. Keychain tool

A small multi-tool that can fit just about anywhere. Worth keeping in your kit or pocket.

76. Paracord

If you think a rope is too heavy to bring around, then paracord is the cordage for you.


77. Folding knife

Having a knife with you always is never a bad idea.

78. Dust mask

The air might not be safe for breathing after a disaster.


79. Waterproof matches

You can never have enough firestarters in your kit.

80. Bivvy sack

Light and compact, a bivvy sack is a great tent alternative.


81. Duct tape

A survival kit is just useless without this.

82. LED headlamp

This gizmo lets you see in the dark and keep your hands free to work.


83. Rifle

You don't want your home to be looted or be attacked by desperados.

84. Aluminum foil

The uses for aluminum foil go beyond the kitchen.


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85. Tire repair kit

You can't let a flat tire stop you from getting where you need to go.


86. Bug spray

Insect bites are irritating and sometimes lethal.


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87. Knife sharpener

The last thing you need in tough situations is a dull knife.


88. Hiking boots

Because you can't bug out with those sneakers or sandals.


89. Axe/hatchet

Chop wood, hunt for food, ward off attackers, and more.

90. Sewing kit

Plenty of things may need some fixing after SHTF.


91. Snow shoes

Because you don't want to be trapped in the snow. Ever.


92. Sunglasses

You'll be grateful you have these when you're out in the open in midday.


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93. Signal mirror

This is a great device to call for help or communicate with other survivors.


94. Scissors

There are things that a pair can do faster and easier than a knife can.



95. Personal locator beacon

Sometimes you need to be rescued. Use this to get help when you're lost.


96. Survival books

Before a disaster, you need to know what to do and how to prepare for it. After a disaster, you will need them to get strength and inspiration.


97. Gas can

It's always good to have extra fuel, for your car and other survival purposes.


98. Pepper spray

Because people will be desperate when SHTF.


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99. Hammock

This implement can do more than just be a place for a short nap.

100. Zip ties

Find out how many ways you can use zip/cable ties and you'll agree these are a must-have.


101. Snare wire

Because you need to hunt for food.

102. Slingshot

Another hunting weapon and a decent self-defense tool.


103. Fishing lures

Because you need to attract the fish your'e going to eat.

104. Local map

You can download the map of your town or buy one from a store.


105. Two-way radio

Communicate without phones or cell coverage with these gadgets.



106. Bandana

The uses of a bandana for survival are too many to list.



107. First aid kit

This kit could save your life or those of your loved ones. Much needed.

108. Ammo

What is a survival gun without these? Start stocking up on ammunition today.

109. Pellet gun

Your survival gun could run out of bullets one day so have this one for backup.

110. Bleach

This liquid could spell the difference between nourishment and dehydration.


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111. Satellite phone

When a disaster strikes, you need to reach out for help, wherever you may be.


112. Tarp

Yet another multi-purpose item that you must have.



113. Mess kit/eating utensils

Life would be much easier when you have something to eat with, not just your bare hands.


114. Writing materials

Putting it on paper might be the only way when SHTF.


115. Toilet paper

Of course, you need these so just get some.


116. Towels

Apart from drying things up, there are lots of other uses for towels.



117. Goggles

Whether for eye protection or for swimming, you must have them in your bag.

118. Rope

You will need a tough rope in situations where paracord will not suffice.



119. Safety pins

This little pin can do a lot of surprising things.


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120. Recreational supplies

In order to deal with disasters better, you need some distraction.


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121. Lighter

This is by far one of the most important items in your kit.



122. Personal hygiene kit

You have to admit, these are essential items to keep you clean, fresh, and safe from disease.


Although this is already a long list, we have to admit that there are more survival gear items that you would need. It is essential to take into account the great number of possible situations you could get caught in, not just the common possible disasters. In this respect, we are giving you our fellow preppers and survivalists room for suggestions/additions.

122 Survival Gear Items to Help You Survive a Disaster

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