Top 15 Tips for Self-Defense Shooting

Self-Defense Shooting

Self-defense shooting tips can make or break you as a self-defense shooter.

The internet offers almost infinite knowledge about different tips, skills, and techniques that you can use. However, nothing beats being able to undergo self-defense training under a qualified instructor.

Self-Defense Shooting Tips to Save Your Life and the Lives of Others

Carrying a gun is every citizen’s right as they are protected by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution which is the right to keep and bear arms.

However, it is not enough to just be able to exercise that right and bring a gun with you without undergoing specific training.

One can go through the standard courses of gun safety and shooting. However, there is always a question of whether the techniques they learn from practice shooting or competition shooting will benefit a gun owner in a real self-defense scenario.

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In light of this concern, there are specific courses being offered to gun owners for self-defense shooting.

The internet can also provide a wide variety of courses and materials that will equip those who would want to self-educate themselves wherever and whenever they want.

The following tips might help a gun owner save his own life or the lives of others against attackers in a real self-defense scenario.

Always Take Advice with a Grain of Salt

There are a lot of shooting ideas and practices that people share. Someone with a lot of guns or with tons of experience doesn’t make them a qualified gun expert. Otherwise, you might be taking bad advice on gun practices.

Choose the Right Weapon for Self-Defense

There are a lot of makes and models in the market made available to civilians. Knowing which weapon would be right for you will surely make a difference in a self-defense situation.

Train Properly and Regularly

Familiarize and master the use of your weapon of choice. Different guns have different functions other than the basics.

Each performs differently when fired as well. Regular training with the firearm of your choice will help you master the functions and performance of your weapon.

Learn Effective Combat Marksmanship Techniques

You need to gain confidence in the ability to operate your gun quickly and accurately under stress.

The stance, grip, sighting, and trigger pull are critical for point-and-shoot or flash-sighting scenarios that also require hand-eye coordination.

Grip Your Weapon Correctly

It starts when you start to draw your weapon prior to your release of any retention devices.

Applying uniform pressure yet a not too firm grip which is centered and constant while pressing the trigger will increase the accuracy of your shots.

Learn and Practice the Three-Point Draw

This basically starts even before you make the draw. Having a comfortable and good solid holster is suggested.

The actual draw then begins with a good solid three-finger grip on the weapon. Pull then pivot the weapon parallel to the ground. Once the line of sight is in the target, pull the trigger.

Move with your Gun in Your Hand

More often than not, you find yourself moving in a certain direction in reaction to the attacker’s point of attack.

Being prepared on how to move backward, laterally, or in any direction for that matter with the gun in your hand can give you a huge advantage.

Practice Specific Self-Defense Drills

Practicing specific self-defense drills during trigger time at a shooting range is important.

The point is to be able to access your firearm the quickest way possible, aim and then shoot into the target. During these practices, speed matters most than accuracy.

Practice Shooting in Low Light

The probability of one being attacked happens mostly at night or wherever there is very little light. This gives the attacker the element of surprise.

Learn how to shoot in a low light environment in case you’d have to defend yourself in such an environment. The use of a tactical flashlight or a gun attachment can help a lot.

Use Your Targets to Their Full Potential

There are different targets in the market that you can use to practice your shooting skills.

Take into account where your shots are landing. The dots, colors, zones, numbers, and squares should be used to practice your defensive shooting skills.

Practice Shooting with Your Non-Dominate Hand

Practice shooting using your non-dominate hand or with just one hand so that you’ll be comfortable with it. Should your dominant hand get injured you’ll still be able to defend yourself.

Replicate Different High-Stress Situations

Create different scenarios at home or throughout your daily routine. Then repeatedly and successfully train for high-stress self-defense shooting. This will help you prepare for that somewhat unexpected life and death situation.

Shoot to Stop

Never shoot to intentionally wound your attacker.  Otherwise, you will be seen as not fearing for your life.

You might be convicted of misusing a lethal weapon and will be supporting the attacker for the injuries, grief, or disability you have caused.

Prepare for Aftermath

More often than not, it is the things you do after and not during an armed self-defense shooting that get you in trouble legally. Prepare yourself mentally, emotionally, and intelligently by going through these tips.

Get Yourself Insured

You might have done what you trained for to the letter but you still end in jail. Consult a lawyer and know the laws in your state.

On the financial aspect, you need to hire a lawyer or lawyers and this requires money. Getting yourself insured like the CCW Safe or the USCCA will help ease up the tension on that part.

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Top 15 Tips for Self-Defense Shooting

  1. Carl Spacek says:

    these are all great points for anyone, at any level of experience, especially someone like myself, who knows enough to admit that I don’t really know really enough to be satisfied with myself and my own skill level. I don’t EVER want to get “cocky” with a firearm as that seems like a sure-fire recipe for disaster.

  2. Tim Watson says:

    Chris, if they wouldn’t leave out things, this would take a few hours to read. And even then there’s still be more they could add. Good basics though.

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