20 Ways to Prepare for an Economic Collapse

June 10, 2015 / Comments (8)


Over the last few years, the economy has not been that great, and unfortunately it could get worse.  An economic collapse can pose some unique challenges, since things often look the same on the “outside.”  There’s not the physical destruction that you see with a hurricane, earthquake, or terrorist attack.

Economic Collapse Preparedness

But, it can be just as devastating.  Check out this video to learn 20 ways you can prepare for an economic collapse.

History has shown us that an economic collapse can potentially happen in a country. In its next appearance, most of us may not be ready for it. Listed here are some primary causes that we could see in an economic collapse.

  • The debt of a country could become a serious crisis. It could potentially result in massive consequences even for the global financial system.
  • If the price of oil gets to a huge increase, it will also put tremendous pressure on the cost of just about everything else in the economy.
  • When the food inflation becomes so bad, that it is already triggering massive food riots in places.
    There is massive shortage of physical precious metals. When the price of gold and silver rise to rates that are unheard of.
  • The real estate market could drop the economy into a economic downturn any time.
  • When unemployment is ever-increasing, or people are paid out not to work again.
  • A combination of serious disease and extreme weather could make it a brutal time for the people.
  • All it would take is a war or a number of weapons of mass destruction to have the economy into a complete chaos.

To survive a collapse, learn and understand the signs so you can be ready for the worst, and thus helping you to make it through in one piece with as little harm as is possible.

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20 Ways to Prepare for an Economic Collapse

  1. punkin head says:

    I highly recommend investing in a Berkey Water filer. Also cut off a down spout and put a plastic 55 gallon plastic barrel under it to catch the rain water. Two are even better and can be filled by drilling a 1″ hole in the top side of one and a piece of 1″ pvc into the top of the other . If you put a silver dollar in the bottom it will keep the water from stagnating. Keep it PROTECTED!
    You will not want to travel to far away from your home to get water every day. You will come home to nothing and will be people watching to see when you leave if they know you have prepared for what is inevitably going to happen.

  2. Kaspar_Goering says:

    This woman is a jerk. I find it amusing that someone with such an expensive “office” with air conditioning is planning for the end of the world. I guee she will watch the end of the world on her wide screen TV while enjoying her fine Chardinay.

    What did Jesus tell us?

    Matthew 24:5
    5 For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.

    This woman is a false prophet!

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