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Global catastrophes aren't limited to earthquakes and hurricanes, so try to know most of them here to help you better prepare for the worst!

Global Catastrophes You Need to Be Aware and Prepare For

1. Economic Collapse

One of the lesser-known possible global catastrophes is the economic collapse. With our dependence on everything automated and instant, we are bound for these catastrophes, indeed.

Forex and Stock Market | Global Catastrophes To Prepare For NOW
Find ways to become less dependent on the economic and financial systems of the world. How about investing in a piece of land you can build into your bug-out place later if SHTF?

You can grow your own food or raise your own animals to become self-sufficient in the event of an economic collapse.

The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse
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2. Water Crisis

The latest study by NASA, reports that out of the 37 largest aquifers worldwide, 21 of these are used up much quicker than they are refilled.

In fact, it is not getting any better with droughts occurring on every continent. Under those circumstances, you will have to dig ponds and bury cisterns.

You also need to collect 55-gallon drums of treated water. Cut leaks and determine the use of water by importance as well as a necessity, too.

When the Rivers Run Dry: Water--The Defining Crisis of the...
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3. Earthquakes

One of the most feared global catastrophes is what they've dubbed as the “big one”— an earthquake going off the scale. Sadly, predicting on when, where and how strong an earthquake is easier said than done.

House Collapse | Global Catastrophes To Prepare For NOW
Despite attempts to deal with the destruction, it is best we still learn to practice the drop, cover, and hold-on technique. Having an earthquake preparedness kit ready and within reach is most important, too.

4. Space Weather or Solar Kill Shot

This is a rare, yet one of the likely global catastrophes that can happen, and it is also very unpredictable. If it does happen, it can result in a total power grid failure.

Preparing solar panels and manual charging tools is a must. If possible, make hydropower equipment your fallback option.

5. Floods

Flooding is considered a by-product of global warming and other weather factors. Though it's been one of the threats to human survival throughout history, too.

Flood and heavy rain | Global Catastrophes To Prepare For NOW
Unpredictable rainfalls, the rise in sea levels, and increased risk of coastal flooding — these are only among the tragedies bound to happen.

Partnering with GFP (Global Flood Partnership) and GloFAS (Global Flood Awareness System) is a great effort. It ensures proper, systematic, well-planned preparations also on a global scale.

Floodplain Management: A New Approach for a New Era
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6. Heat Waves

The most fatal heat wave claimed 70,000 victims in Europe back in 2003. Luckily, predicting heat waves advanced these recent years. But still, keep your fingers on the pulse.

Try to know the heat wave terms used by weather forecasters. Then, listen close to local weather forecasts or NOAA Weather Radio.

You can also undergo First Aid training in heat-related emergencies. Most important of all, plan and prepare with your family on a regular basis.

7. Wildfires

More often than not, wildfires are also caused by heat waves. You can start preparing by placing a defensible space around your home or property.

Then, clear it from combustible materials including dying trees and shrubberies. For a complete guide, you can check ReadyForWildfire.org.

8. Tsunami

This is one of the global catastrophes which can happen anywhere and everywhere at once. Different forms of underwater disruptions can trigger these global catastrophes.

Tsunami seaquake | Global Catastrophes To Prepare For NOW
Among them are a landslide, volcanic eruption, and an earthquake. Even a huge meteorite falling from space can also cause these catastrophes.

In these events, it is best to know your local tsunami early warning system. Make some evac and disaster plans beforehand. Here are what you can do to prepare for a tsunami and what you can do during a tsunami.

9. Volcanic Eruption

Another one of the global catastrophes survivalists watch out for is the eruption of the supervolcanoes. Scientists of the USGS Volcano Hazards Program work to track volcanic activity.

Along with other partners they try to determine the earliest sign of a possible eruption. Scientists from the U.S.

Volcano Observatories and local government officials work to ensure safety. It is then, your responsibility to learn, follow, and prepare for such emergency situations.

10. Hurricanes

The proper way to prepare for such a disaster is by having your property insured. You have to make sure it is a recognizable brand, proven, and tested by major calamities.

Hurricane typhoon | Global Catastrophes To Prepare For NOW
Additionally, it must have the capacity to deal with claims and so much more. Don’t forget to have a safe room installed in your house, too. Watch out for storm surge warnings and evacuate if needed.

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11. Drought

Learn how to grow a garden in a dryer and hotter circumstances and apply good soil maintenance. Make sure you manage your livestock and keep them healthy, too.

Reducing the risk to honey bee hives and protecting the next harvest are a few tips to get ready for a drought.

12. Tornado

It is a must for you and your family to practice a tornado drill on a regular basis. Continued practice will become almost like second nature should such a disaster occur.

Powerful tornado | Global Catastrophes To Prepare For NOW
First, get rid of the damaged branches of surrounding trees. Then, secure loose furniture and things the strong winds can pick up and become a projectile.

13. Landslides

It can be a result of an earthquake, flood, volcanic eruption, and strong winds. Proper land management can either lessen or prevent landslides from happening.

Here is what you need to know to prepare for a landslide, and what you can do during and after a landslide.

14. Snow and Hailstorms

Advance planning will cut damages brought about by these disasters. Fortifying and storm-proofing your home is best.

Keeping your family ready at all times by devising an emergency plan with a kit isn’t enough, so make sure you insure your home with a proven and tested company.

15. Thunderstorms and Lightning

Identify risk areas and listen to a certified NOAA Weather Radio to get warnings. Have a thunderstorm and lightning safety plan — one that can give you enough time for you and your family to get to safety.

Thunderstorm | Global Catastrophes To Prepare For NOW
Stay indoors and refrain from using a corded phone. You should also steer clear of water pipes, wiring, and electrical equipment.

16. Sinkholes

Sinkholes occur due to man-made or natural causes and can be deadly, too. Check for crack formation on a structure’s foundation and small holes around your property.

Check with state or local geological surveys, USGS, or country offices if soluble rocks are prominent in geological maps of your country.

17. Infectious Diseases

The chance of getting infected with a communicable disease is very high. Superbugs with antibiotic resistance are one of the threats to human health. Know more about infectious diseases, and partner with health organizations if possible.

Proper communications will help advance detection efforts by citizens and the government. This will enable prompt detection of new infectious diseases, thus, preventing the disease from spreading.

18. Simultaneous Terrorist Attacks

The risks of terrorism are an all too real threat to many people around the world. Although the government strengthens security and Intel, as a citizen, we also have a role.

Man holding gun | Global Catastrophes To Prepare For NOW
We should take our part to determine possible risks during our daily activities.

Immediately report suspicious activities to the proper authorities. This way we can help stop the threat then and without delay. If worse comes to worst, make sure you're prepared to defend yourself and your family.

19. World War 3

How many times have we heard over the years that we are on the brink of this global catastrophe? If this happens, everything you know on an ordinary day will utterly be useless.

To survive, make sure you’re physically fit and that your financial dealings have been all sorted out. Then, build up different means to generate income.

Choose which news to watch and don’t leave any cookies online for third parties to learn what you’re up to.

20. Nuclear Bomb Radiation and Sickness

To survive a nuclear war or attack, always have an alternative bug-out location that will be your atomic shelter. Plan ahead by stockpiling your basic needs.

Start with non-perishable food, water, medical supplies, and other miscellaneous items. Continuously monitoring the news is a must.

Additionally, don’t cease to learn more about different types of nuclear weapons. Also, try to know their respective effects on the human body.

Food and water are essential to surviving most of these global catastrophes. Find out how to easily build a 2-week emergency food supply in this video from City Prepping:

Global catastrophes are inevitable where some can be prevented but some cannot. In the end, all we can do is prepare and brace ourselves for impact.

We hope this guide to global catastrophes and disaster awareness and preparedness will help give you a fighting chance whatever the future hurls at you. What you know is key to your survival!

Have you lived through any one of the catastrophes in recent history? Share your survival experience with us in the comments section below!

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