The 22 Rifle In All Its Glory

Feature | A shooter sighting in the target | The 22 Rifle In All Its Glory

October 19, 2023 / Comments (1)

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The 22 rifle is one of the best guns and favored among gun collectors. Find out why as you read on below!

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The Good Points of the 22 Rifle

The 22 Rifle

The 22 rifle might not be the strongest gun in the shed (also, why are you keeping guns in a shed?), but it does have many good points in the right situation.

Not many gun enthusiasts would choose a 22 rifle when they get into a tight spot; it would make them feel outgunned.

The small caliber firearm has been relegated to a hunting rifle for small game, but it is still a good home defense weapon, even if it is not the first gun to come to mind when a thief breaks into your home.

A shooter sighting in the target Long distance | The 22 Rifle In All Its Glory

When it’s the only gun that’s within your reach, the trick is to use it wisely. All you need to do is to aim for the head.

Now we all know how fatal a headshot can be. Also if the 22 rifle is your only gun at home, you can get ready to make the most of it by spending some time at the range doing target practice.

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The 22 Rifle: Myths And Truths Exposed

The .22 Rifle has long been one of my favorite rifles to shoot.

Sure it’s not as powerful as a .308 but the .22 rifle has been around for a long time and for good reason.

But many people have misconceptions or preconconcieved notions about .22 rifles.

So aside from being a fun rifle to shoot and an economical choice for the ammo conscious survivalist, just how good is a .22 Rifle?

And should you keep one in your Bug out Bag?

This fantastic article, originally published on the prepared ninja exposes the myths and truths of the 22 long rifle:

It’s easy for the prepper survivalist to get lost in the endless confusion, attempting to discern between wants and needs.

Is it a small knife or big blade?

Do you carry a handgun or a rifle?

However, it is even more important to determine the difference between what is a trend…and what will actually work in the field. In most cases, the right answer is: it depends on the situation.

The .22 Long Rifle rim-fire cartridge has had an excellent run, and built a legendary reputation, since its inception in 1887.

The cartridge itself has been enveloped in tales of unfathomable deeds in the backwoods, taking everything from grizzlies (usually shot in the eye) and field mice (usually shot from the hip).

Though, these are stories often repeated by old frontiersmen and armchair online forum dwellers alike. Anecdotal ‘evidence’ might suggest that the .22LR is the ‘do-all’ round, but is this actually true?

Is it the perfect survivalist cartridge, providing enough kill power on small game while limiting damage to the meat, yet delivering just enough punishment in a ‘tactical situation’?

It is important to explore what the round can do, and more importantly, what it cannot do.

All too often, we envision our own survival situations, handling our trusty Ruger 10/22, dispatching small game by the bundles and carrying home a sack of deceased critters as the sun begins to set, right on time for dinner.

We even imagine ourselves bagging a whitetail, because we got a ‘lucky shot between the eyes’.

If this is truth, then the .22LR should be the only rifle for the survivalist, but my gut tells me, this is probably not a reasonable expectation of the old cartridge – and you might want to pack other ways of procuring meat sources.

More Pros of 22 Rifle

Another advantage that a 22 rifle offers is the compact ammunition. It is so easy to store even ten bricks of the little rounds. In fact, you can put a hundred rounds in your pocket!

You can’t do that with .38s or .45s. What makes the 22 ammo even more appealing is that they are very affordable.

Hunting for food is, of course, the 22 rifle’s strongest suit. These guns are quiet, making it easy to hit small animals such as squirrels.

Small caliber ammunition in a pile | The 22 Rifle In All Its Glory

Being of small caliber, rabbits and other game are not shot to bits which means there is meat left for eating.

Being able to defend your home and at the same time provide food should be enough to show that the 22 rifle is still a respectable firearm.

If it’s all you got, just practice shooting with it and soon enough you’ll be just as capable of fending off intruders or getting something for dinner. It’s light, quiet, and affordable; it’s also perfect for training beginners.

Watch this video from The Hunting Gear Guy for a .22 rifle Remington review:

While the 22 rifles may not be your go-to gun for showing off, it is highly reliable in practical uses like small game hunting and practice. It performs well with low noise and minimal recoil, thus favored among beginners and even experts.

Are you a 22 rifle fanatic? Perhaps a nostalgic collector? Let us know your best 22 rifle hunting story, we love hearing from you. Share with us in the comments below, and interact with us on our social media!


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The 22 Rifle In All Its Glory |

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