26 Rare Weapons You Have to See to Believe

October 5, 2013 / Comments (0)


Some people collect weapons for a hobby while some buy them for protection. This is a collection of the rare and one-of-a-kind weapons invented by man. Do you own at least one of them?

1. All Metal Flintlock Knife Pistol – 9mm cal

Don't you think this All Metal Flintlock Knife Pistol - 9mm cal is easy to carry under your belt?

2. Borchardt Pistol

This Borchardt Pistol is best hang on the wall than on your pocket.

3. Belgian Pinfire Revolver

This Belgian Pinfire Revolver is how I think a gun should look.

4. Bennett Haviland

This Bennett Haviland Many Chambered Revolving Rifle is a treasure!

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