26 Wacky Fishing Tips To Help You Fish Like A Redneck

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To fish like a pro, take these unique fishing tips for beginners and sports fishermen alike from our expert redneck fishermen!

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Unusual Fishing Tips You Can Try for Yourself

1. Keep Your fishing Hooks Organized with Safety Pins

Sort the different sizes of fishing hooks in your tackle box by using a safety pin. This will help keep your hooks organized.

Simply insert the needle point into the eye of the hook until you fill the whole pin. It works like a charm!

2. Vacuum Seal Your First Aid Pack to Keep It Safe from Water Damage


Our stuff sometimes falls into the water when we go fishing. Keep your first aid kit dry in a vacuum seal, preserving it when you need it most.

Plus, it keeps things organized. You can toss in your fire-starting kit if you like!

3. Keep Salmon Eggs on the Hook with a Little Table Salt


It can be a bummer to have your salmon egg bait get swept away by the current, so you might want to try this trick. Lightly sprinkle table salt on your salmon eggs, then put them in a jar.

The eggs will become rubber-textured and sticky, and they will not be easily swept away by the current. You need to fish right away though.

4. Become a Master of All Fishing Knots

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Master different types of fishing knots if you must. The more fishing knots you know, the more flexible you will be when it comes to your fishing techniques.

5. Use an Earplug as Your Bobber


We're sure you've got earplugs lying around. You must know they make such great bobbers!

Simply thread your line into the earplug before you tie your hook to the end of the line. You can also slip a coffee stirrer into the earplugs to make slip bobbers.

Isn't it a fantastic way to reuse, recycle, and fish all at the same time? You bet!

6. Use Wine Corks as Slide Bobbers


One other recyclable material you have lots of lying around at home is wine corks. Never ever throw wine corks but keep them in one container in case you need to use them for, say, fishing.

Make slip bobbers from wine corks by drilling a small hole through the center of its length. Then, insert a plastic coffee stirrer or a piece of broken rod tip, which many anglers have every now and then.

7. Create an Easy Paracord Trotline


You'll find this uncommon fishing technique important in survival situations because you can leave it for some time while you do other tasks. This is a trotline made from paracords, which is a common tool among survivalists.

What you do is tie baited hooks to a long line of paracord. You will need to tie knots along the paracord to allow space between the hooks. Your know-how in different survival knots will be useful in this technique. Finally, it's also uncommon because it's illegal in some states.

Before you try it, check with your local fishing regulations first.

8. Use an Empty Drink Pouch to Store Your Stink Bait


These kids' juice drink silver pouches make great bait containers. They are waterproof, airtight, and more durable than Ziploc bags, which you don't have to waste again. Cut the top of the empty pouch just under the straw hole, wash it, fill it with bait, and heat seal it. Now, here's another way to recycle everyday items for survival purposes.

9. Wrap Your Rods with Bungee Balls to Keep Them Organized


Use bungee balls to bundle your fishing rods and keep them organized. This way, you can easily tie or untie your bundle even with only one hand.

10. Keep a Dental Pick Handy to Deal with Backlash


How many of us felt the pangs of a backlash on our bait caster. Well, we just have to deal with it, right?

Tip: Use your dental pick to deal with the backlash without needing to cut the line.

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11. Turn a Can Tab into a Fishing Hook


Here is one of the many uses for soda or aluminum cans for survival — a makeshift hook from soda can tabs. Looks a little dubious, but we've actually seen it work and caught fairly-sized fish —you'd be surprised indeed!

12. Use a Baby Wipes Dispenser as a Mini Bait Ice Chest


Keep your cut bait fresh so it is protected from the sun, birds, and bugs with a mini bait chest. You can make one from an empty sanitary wipes dispenser.

First, fill a sandwich bag with water up to three-quarters full, take out air and bubbles, then seal. Place it inside the box, then freeze, and that's your mini bait chest.

13. Notch a Paddle to Easily Grab Your Decoys


Grabbing your decoys with your hands may be unsafe. So here's a fishing technique that is not only witty but can also help you with your decoys.

Cut a half-inch wide notch that slants upward near the lower end of your paddle's blade. You will also find this so convenient since you can easily snag the decoy lines with the notch.

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14. Use a Pool Noodle to Protect the Bottom of Your Canoe from Damage


Cut a notch along the whole length of the pool noodle, half an inch thick and going all the way to the center. Then, attach or slide the pool noodle to the bottom of your canoe's gunwale.

You can also use this trick to protect your car when loading your canoe.
Wacky Fishing Tips To Help You Fish Like A Redneck

15. Add a Nail in the Head of Your Plastic Worm Bait


This is one of the bass fishing tips and techniques you need to know. To create more movement to lure bass, insert a small nail into the nose of your wacky worm.

This will make that part stand up straight and wiggle with the added weight. Thus, making it effective in bass fishing and luring in a potential catch.

What is a wacky worm? It is a kind of lure in the shape of a worm, made with plastic, and hooked in the middle.

16. Use a Wine Cork to Keep Your Sunglasses Afloat

Remember what we told you about wine corks? Now, here's another practical use you can do with wine corks to your fishing gear.

With the action in the water while fishing, chances are high that your sunglasses will fall overboard. Keep it afloat by adding cork to your sunglasses' neck cord or strap.

17. Create Your Own Primitive Fishing Spear


If you find yourself in a shallow water bed teeming with salmon but without fishing gear, make this cool primitive fishing spear. Just a little practice and you will get the hang of throwing the spear straight into your fish target fast.

Come zombie apocalypse, this spear will also work even better in your defense!

18. Use a Tic Tac Box as a Small Bait Dispenser


Make a convenient wax worm bait dispenser from a Tic Tac container for ice fishing. Again, an effective fishing tool made from recycled materials.

19. Spit on Your Hook, Then Bait

This is one of the old fishing tips which is said to help you better catch bigger fish. Just spit on your hook, then bait it and fish on.

This is just an old wives tale, but there's no harm in seeing it for yourself if it works indeed.

20. Keep a Hook and Leader Safely Stored in a Matchbook


Keep your hook, line, and matches organized with this tip. Wrap the hook and line around a matchbook.

What you have is a small survival kit — all your means to get food and cook it.

21. Make a Pocket-Sized Tackle Box


Aren't Tic Tac containers just as perfect as containers? Not only is it a great bait dispenser, but it also makes a great tackle box that fits just right in your pocket.

22. Keep Bobbers Secured in Place Using an Egg Carton


Keep your bobbers from rolling and organized by putting them in an egg carton. Now you won't have to fuss about your bobbers rolling to and fro on your tackle box.

23. Store Your Nightcrawlers in a Dig-Proof Container

Never dig for some nightcrawler baits with this nifty and witty fishing trick. Take your usual storage coffee can for nightcrawlers, remove both ends and then replace them with plastic covers.

Fill your storage can with soil with the nightcrawlers. Anytime you wish to take the bait out, simply flip the can to reach the worms, which dug into the bottom.

24. Add a Bobber to Your Handle for a Sink-Proof Fillet Knife


Remember the trick with the sunglasses for fishing?

Follow the same idea for your fillet knife, but this time use a bobber. You can also use some corks for the same purpose.

25. Keep a Letter Opener Handy to Cut Braided Line


Make clean cuts with your braided lines by using a letter opener. This way you won't have to bring scissors which is unwise or nail clippers which does a bad job.

26. Keep Your Spool Tidy with a Drink Koozie


Keep your bigger spool of mini fishing line from unraveling by placing it in a koozie aluminum can. Leave a piece of line hanging from the spool so you can easily strip off some lines when you need to.

Learn how to fish like a redneck and how to make an old-fashioned cane fishing pole in this video from Rated Red:

From creative fishing lures to improvised fishhooks, we have here the wackiest, wittiest, and most useful fishing tips that will have you Reeling with excitement. You won't be able to wait to get out there and show off these fishing basics and new hacks.

Go try out these unique fishing tips and impress your fellow fishers with the number of crazy fishing tips you have up your sleeve.

Do you have any fishing tips and tricks up your sleeves? Share your tried-and-tested fishing tips with us in the comments section below!

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