2nd Amendment Bike From OCC At Great American Outdoor Show

second amendment trike

February 9, 2016 / Comments (2)

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The NRA brought their Second Amendment Trike with them to the GAOS. What a beauty.

Sadly, it's snowing in Pennsylvania again, and I wasn't about to drive 90 miles each way in it to get to the Great American Outdoor Show. I'll be back there again tomorrow to record our first podcast and talk to a few more from the gun industry. Until then, I wanted to share some photos I snapped of an absolutely gorgeous 2nd Amendment-dedicated chopper built for the NRA by Orange County Choppers.
This is one of those times I wish I had a really nice DSLR camera, because the pictures I took don't do this beauty justice. Even if you don't like motorcycles (in this case, a trike), you'll still appreciate this work of art with the amount of detail and love for our cherished Second Amendment.
Here it is, enjoy! 
occ second amendment trike

One of the fenders, with incredible detail.

2a trike

Oh, what's that there?

2a trike

Oh, right. Just a little thing called the Second Amendment.

second amendment trike

Even the seat is done up with some NRA logo embroidering.

2a trike

That's one fine ass. Notice the rifle cartridge foot rest. No detail was left undone.

trike 3
Have you ever seen this beauty before? If so, where? What did you think about it? Finally, are you planning on going to the GAOS this week?

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