Why Is The 2nd Amendment Important?

Feature | The Importance of the 2nd Amendment

The coronavirus pandemic has brought about concerns about gun rights. However, not all Americans may understand how important standing up for the 2nd amendment is. Today, we'll dive deep into what this really means to us.

The Importance of the 2nd Amendment

In today’s deeply divided political climate, it’s not unusual to find ourselves in conversations with people who seem to have completely divergent ideas of what America should be like.

There is no topic that doesn’t offer at least two sides to take.

The gun control debate is one of the most polarizing of these topics. The venom and lies surrounding gun ownership can make discussion nearly impossible.

The media, who emphasize and sensationalize isolated incidents, further propagates a misunderstanding of the facts surrounding the purchase and use of firearms.

Interviews shown include politicians blatantly lying about the damage certain firearms can cause. They also deeply exaggerate “statistics” with no recourse or questioning about these falsities.

Citizens sitting at home watching the news, then believe these falsehoods as “facts.”

Firearms have been in use for hundreds of years, but never before in history has there been such a universal call for their removal from society.

To be clear, the call is not to cease use of firearms by the military and police forces but to prohibit ownership by private citizens.

The Constitution Protects Our Republic

When the founding fathers wrote our constitution, their intention was to protect the citizens of the United States, and all future citizens, from the atrocities they knew governments could commit.

Each amendment was thoughtfully selected, written, and ratified. And the argument exists that without the 2nd Amendment, all other amendments will eventually cease to exist as well.

In a country where school shootings are all too common and gang violence can terrorize neighborhoods, fear has taken over. An average, reasonable person can see why gun ownership should be limited and tracked.

Sure, a handgun in the home for personal protection might be ok, but high-capacity magazines, automatic weapons, and a well-stocked arsenal are all too much for an average, reasonable person.

The Constitution does not limit or restrict gun ownership, and nor should it.

Self-Defense Is a Right and a Responsibility

Self-Defense is a Right and a Responsibility | The Importance of the 2nd Amendment

The primary reason for most gun ownership is self-defense. Yes, hunting and shooting are also sports that are widely enjoyed.

But lines don’t form around gun stores during a pandemic so that people can stock up on hunting supplies.

If you have ever called 911, you know that the response time is at minimum several minutes. If you live in a more remote area, that time is significantly longer.

When you encounter an armed stranger in your home, do you feel comfortable waiting several minutes for help, assuming you are able to make that call in the first place?

The fact is that your most effective and immediate defense in that scenario is your own firearm. One that is loaded and accessible, that you know how to use.

When the safety of your family is at risk, it is both your right and your responsibility to protect them by whatever means necessary.

So now comes the question, why do you need more than one handgun in your home?

You Must Protect Yourself

History has proven time and again that when the government comes for your guns, they will shortly thereafter come for your life.

An unarmed populace has no protection from a government that can use deadly force against it.

Do you fully and completely trust the government with your life? Do you agree with every single member of Congress and the President? Does every law that gets passed meet with your full approval?

If you cannot answer yes to each one of those questions, you may want to purchase a firearm.

Exercise the Right to Bear Arms

A citizen in a free nation should have the right to own any firearm that may be used against them by their government.

That means that if the government can use an automatic weapon against you, you should have the right to fight back with the same weapon.

We are fortunate in America to have the right to open discussion. One look at communist China and its censorship of the media is a reminder that we are lucky to live where we do, with the freedoms we do.

If you enjoy exercising your right to free speech, be respectful of those exercising their right to bear arms. Those who bear arms protect your right to free speech.

There is a war against the 2nd Amendment, and the winner will decide the fate of our nation.

What are your thoughts about the 2nd amendment? We want to hear from you in the comments section!

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5 Responses to :
Why Is The 2nd Amendment Important?

  1. Sheldon Proctor says:

    I am a business owner, father and a US citizen. My father was a career military man who believed in the Second Amendment strongly. I was raised with the same beliefs of Gun ownership for family/self defense and gun safety above all.
    I have been asked many times by potential first time gun owners “what gun should I buy for home defense“. My answer is always the same, “unless you are willing to put in the time and training to be proficient with that weapon, to operate it safely in a moment of panic and stress, half asleep in the middle of the night, then I do not recommend you buy a firearm” .
    With that being said, I strongly believe that free individuals should own fire arms, practice with them regularly enough to be proficient and safe. It’s my belief that the second amendment protects all of that and that we do need the ability to protect ourselves from our own government as well as others.
    I own several firearms, possess many magazines and lots of ammo. I am also concerned about what the uneducated, false believing general public may think about me if they found out. Our society has gone off the rails with false news by these uneducated lawmakers and we need to do something about it. Thank you for listening.

  2. Franklin Jones says:

    Thank God for 2A.

  3. rick says:

    are semi automatic riffles for offensive purposes ? i think only one hand gun per person for self defense is enough. well i guess its back to the old west. scary times everyone caring guns. i dont like the way you look–bam ! if the U.S. government wanted to take over–they could easily do so even if we all carried guns. the second amendment was really written up for those times of a new frontier of wild animals, Indians, invasion of other countries. let the police do their job—thats why we have them, let them carry guns not the public. all these people dying because of guns—enough. the only thing a gun is made for is to kill.

  4. Zidkiyah says:

    You are very delusional! You really have no understanding of the 2nd amendment, nor do you understand history. No government should ever be trusted, and there are millions of guns in the possession of law abiding citizens hands who do not commit murder. The liberal bias media will never tell you honest statistics of law abiding citizens with gun are responsible for low crime.

  5. Joseph macdonald says:

    I was raised with guns my whole life and you better believe that we all need to be able to protect ourselves.if someone breaks into your home do you really want to be a victim or do you want to protect yourselves.the police cant be every where if you don’t think so watch 48 hours of real life murders that are committed every day and if you believe what you hear on TV that the news tells you and politicians tell you about gun control.then take the time to read about real facts our rights are being taken away right under our noses their are millions of gun owners that never hurt anyone.The problem is a mental health crisis guns don’t kill people people do.every one of my family has and owns fire arms we go shooting and teach proper gun handling and what a gun is for I think that we all need to teach the next generation how to handle and use guns the right way that is what my family did with me and non of us has ever hurt or killed another person but if our life’s are ever threatened we know what to do.we need our right to protect ourselves every one that is of right mind and mental. Health should be able to own. A gun and the best home protection that I and family use is a shot gun and a pistol for back up .

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