6 Best Guns for Women Protecting Their Family

6 Best Guns for Women Protecting Their Family scaled

March 10, 2020 / Comments (21)

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The best guns for women are the ones that can protect a household, are accurate and can neutralize intruders. They can both be offensive or defensive weapons, unlike passive home security alarms. Home dwellers, especially women, must pick the right gun models.

Let’s take a look at some of the best guns for women on the market.

Best Guns for Women | Firearms Women Can Control


Pistols | Best Guns for Women Protecting Their Family | small handgun

Pistols are definitely more appropriate for small or cramped houses. Unlike a shotgun which is quite difficult to handle, pistols afford the defender a one-handed grip of the gun. They free the other hand to do other things like moving things, opening doors or controlling thieves.

Pistols are among the best guns for women protecting their families.

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Handguns | Best Guns for Women Protecting Their Family | smith and wesson women's gun

Handguns are more maneuverable and quicker to use compared to a long gun. They can be held and fired using one hand because they are smaller compared to other weapons.

The sales of this type of weapon have been tremendously increased over the past years.


6 Best Guns for Women Protecting Their Family

Revolvers are much more adequate for defending a household. They are very easy to use and clean, and they do not require complex maneuvers for maintenance. They are among the best in the self-defense category because of the versatility of use, safety features, strength, and variety of cartridges.

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Smith and Wesson Model 640 Revolver

Smith and Wesson Model 640 Revolver | Best Guns for Women Protecting Their Family | smith and wesson women's gun

Smith & Wesson Model 640-1 .357 Magnum Pre-Lock Photo by The Next Chapter

When it comes to handguns for home-defense, one popular item is the Smith and Wesson women’s gun Model 640 revolver.

This J frame revolver underwent many iterations before the release of its final model in the market. It was first designed in the early 90s as a .38 caliber revolver with 2 or 3-inch barrel. The latter was pulled out after 3 years.

Smith and Wesson Model 940 Revolver

Smith and Wesson Model 940 Revolver | Best Guns for Women Protecting Their Family | glock for women

Smith & Wesson Model 940 9mm Revolver Photo by The Next Chapter

After Model 640, a much newer model was made. It was the S&W Model 940, and it fired 9 mm Parabellum using moon clips. Six years after, it was once again pulled out from the market.

In 1996, the .38 caliber was changed to .357 Magnums, and its barrel was lengthened to around 2.125 inches. In all of these versions, revolvers make use of stainless steel frames, barrel, cylinder, and each has a shrouded hammer and a dual action only operation.

The Right Caliber for Women

The Right Caliber for Women | Best Guns for Women Protecting Their Family | best home defense weapon for a woman

Another thing of concern with regards to getting a handgun to protect your family is the minimum caliber for neutralizing thieves. Women with no training in such kind of operation should handle a small handgun or use a caliber that she can fire easily and steadily.

This is a case by case basis and can be determined by undergoing professionally monitored practice or trial.

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Check out this video by Aegis Tactical LLC about buying your first handgun for women:

Regardless of how mystique Hollywood films have portrayed their use, in reality, guns are protective tools. But protecting a household requires more than an offensive or combative weapon. A right mindset and well-trained gun skills are always necessary.


Which gun model for women do you use? Share them in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on January 26, 2018, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

21 Responses to :
6 Best Guns for Women Protecting Their Family

  1. Rebecca says:


    Looking to protect my family. I haven’t decided on the gun yet but I would love to be informed before I buy.


  2. Jessica says:

    Hello ,
    Looking to protect my family. I haven’t decided on the gun yet but I would love to be informed before I buy.

  3. Rebecca Strickland says:

    The smith n Wesson 940 revolver. Does it have a safety lock on it? Thinking of this gun a lil bit. I’m looking more towards a semi auto though.

  4. Steve Eisenberg says:

    I would take a course at a women-friendly range where, perhaps, there are female trainers.
    Here you will learn the basics and hopefully try out a number of guns and calibers.

    After this experience you’ll be armed (so to speak) with enough knowledge and experience to make sense of your expeience at the gun store, and you’ll be more likely to buy the exact gun you want.

  5. joe nyomozo says:

    For self defense you should have the largest caliber gun you comfortable with and ok shooting with fair accuracy. As to whether revolver or semi auto depends on how much experience you have with guns or how much time you want to invest/spend on learning and practicing with your gun. If not that much revolver is hard to beat for it’s simplicity. Semi autos while typically hold much more rounds can have issues and you must know them to make them functional again (i.e. safety, jams, failure to feed, loose mag, too dirty, limp grip etc.)

  6. Marcus says:

    My better half loves the AR pistol with 10.5 inch barrel that fires 9mm , With the streamlight and 100 round dual drum beta C mag , Fairly light , Fairly small , Unlimited firepower

  7. Cindee says:

    My every day go to is a Beretta 92 9mm pistol. I’m currently looking for something a little more light weight for every day carry. I’ve been researching the S&W EZ Shield 9mm and the Glock G43.

    1. David W Tanner says:

      My husband has a m&p 9 shield S&W n it is light weight n I think it would be a great pistol his is lighter than my Taurus G2 9mm n it’s a little smaller too

  8. E. F. Hummel says:

    I use a Kimber. 45 1911 Master Carry Pro., and a Sig Pro 2022 .40, among others that I own, and I handle them just fine. I realize that some women might need a “woman’s gun”, and that’s fine. But not all women are limited to a “woman’s gun”. I’ve always hated the term “womans gun.” A woman should use what ever she feels comfortable with no matter what the weapon or calibur.

  9. Carey says:

    Had a Sig compact 45 was to much for me, now I have a small kimber haven’t even been able to try it out yet due to Covid

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