.32 H&R Magnum: When Peeing On Yourself To Prevent Rape Don’t Work

Ruger 32 magnum H & R caliber "Single Six" revolver | .32 H&R Magnum When Peeing On Yourself To Prevent Rape Don't Work | Featured

December 15, 2020 / Comments (38)

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The .32 H&R Magnum may look small and harmless, but don’t underestimate this revolver. It may just be the perfect self-defense weapon for you!

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.32 H&R Magnum: Is it Your Self-Defense Weapon?

The .32 H&R Magnum for Self-Defense

When peeing on yourself to turn a would-be rapist off just doesn’t seem to be a good idea, your next best option might be the .32 H&R Magnum revolver.

If you’re new to the self-defense world, you must worry about recoil, hitting your target, and coming out of a situation alive. Well, no worries, because a revolver with this hard-enough hitting round chamber, is capable of getting the job done.


It is also lightweight, thus the 32 h&r Magnum for personal defense couldn’t be any more perfect for newbies or those who prefer it easy on the hands.

.32 H&R Magnum Pros

young-man-firing-gun-shooting-range | conceal carry

The ballistics of this handy little cartridge fall somewhere in between the .380 ACP and the .38 Special without the same amount of recoil. This is awesome for when you want to make sure your attacker isn’t getting back up anytime soon.

Another appealing aspect of this little wheel gun is the fact, you can sometimes find them in six-shot, instead of five. This is great if you feel like you may need a little extra firepower to help put down your assailants.

And, let’s face it when your life is on the line, you don’t want him to get back up until he’s at the hospital. The ammo and gun are both affordable.

So if money is an issue, as it is for most of us today, you won’t have to chop off any of your appendages to pay for it. In return, this means you’ll end up being more accurate because you can practice more often.

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If you check out Gun Broker, you can see a lot of them going for under $200, going up from there. As far as the ammunition goes, you can find it starting at around 50 cents per round.

Well, it is an awesome price. It’s good news indeed!

The bad? Well, there isn’t a whole heck of a lot of these things floating around.

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.32 H&R Magnum Cons

revolver-handgun-laying-on-pad-preparation | magnum gun

As of right now, not a lot of gun makers are currently pushing these out of the factory. Instead, you’ll likely have to settle for a used one.

The only issue with buying used is most of them look like they fell out of the ugly tree. Or were tied up to the bumper of my old doughnut-loving hot rod ’67 Chevy pickup truck.

It is a revolver, though, so no matter how ugly it is, it will almost always fire when you need it to.

You also have to buy the ammo off of the internet. It’s because most gun shops don’t stock it due to being an oddball round.

Charter Arms is currently still making revolvers chambered in .32 Mag. But, rumors are flying around in which they will end production at some point soon. Though, I have yet to confirm this.

This video from Gun Sam will walk you through the pros and cons of 32 H&R Magnum vs 380 ACP:

The .32 H&R Magnum is an underrated self-defense firearm that is great for anyone who isn’t fond of the recoil associated with a bigger round, or someone who just wants to quickly and accurately hit their target more than once. This capable self-defense cartridge has just enough stopping power to get the job done and make you feel much safer.

Sound off, Gun Carriers! Who here has shot a revolver chambered in .32 H&R Magnum? Let us know in the comments section below.

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38 Responses to :
.32 H&R Magnum: When Peeing On Yourself To Prevent Rape Don’t Work

  1. Faith says:

    How and where can one purchase this pistol?

    1. Joshua Gillem says:

      Any of your local gun shops/FFL dealers should be able to order you one. Or, you can check them out in more detail on Gunbroker.com

  2. Bob Long says:

    Ive had a 380 acp bounce off my belt buckle and it didnt even dent it. Ive read many many stories of 38s bouncing or glazing off of the foreheads of bad guys. So I do like the punching power of the 32 mag. A hollow point wont work it ot dont penetrate. I also like the 6 rounds of most 32 revolvers. One can shoot the smaller 32s for practice and a 32 mag for when the adrenaline is pumping. Mag recoil will seem like 22s or squib rounds in life or death situations. Personally I still prefer the 357 mag but that is just me.

  3. Mike says:

    Any gun is better than no gun.

  4. Donald says:

    I have owned a Ruger Single Six with 4 5/8 barrel in .32 H&R Magnum since they first came out. It is a lot of fun to shoot and very accurate. Mine does not lend itself well to concealed carry but I would not want to be on the receiving end of one of these rounds from one that does. The lack of readily available ammunition has stopped me from enjoying it as much as I’d care to though.

    1. William Chapman RN says:

      This round is a handloaders dream. This is a very inexpensive round if you can load your own. I have been doing it for the last 40 years.

  5. robert H gray says:

    I have a box of 32 H&R Mag 80 gr FTX Hornady would like to sell for half of what I paid Can’t use them [critical defence]

    1. Guy says:

      I’m looking at a Charter, I might be interetsted.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Do you still have 32 ammo

  6. Richard says:

    Charter now makes a 7-shot “Professional” with a 3″ barrel.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I know this is an old article but , Charter Arms makes a 32 H&R ‘Professional’ and its a seven shooter.

  8. John Jackson says:

    I like the 32s. I have a Ruger Single Six in 32 H&R Mag and from close-up plinking to prairie dogs at 125 yards it has never left me wanting. I have shot the older 32s through it and had a ot of fun. My only regret is that it is so expensive to shoot.
    I would carry a little CharterArms revolver any d a y and feel adequately armed. It isn’t the size of the caliber you shoot but the accuracy you can shoot it.

  9. LARRY YAKLICH says:

    I’m a disabled USMC VETERAN, above knee amputee…. not important. but all of the women I dated that did shoot with me, wanted the S&W .32 HR MAG, I told them “no ring, no gun”… funny, my current wife of 25 years wanted one of my firearms for Mothers Day many years ago… she took my smith and wesson .22, not the .32, her reasons were it was heavy, I told her it had no recoil per say… it is still one of the firearms that I use for our home defense. I do carry different firearms for CCW, even though a CCW instructor said you should only have one for CCW. I disagree, I am very proficient with all of my firearms, used to fire at least 250 rds a week, not any more since being on disability, I cannot afford that kind of practice any more…

    1. Albert Strickland says:

      thank you for your sacrifice Larry !! GOD bless you.

  10. Mamma says:

    I have never owned a gun but looking into it.Im 115 lbs.
    Any suggestion s?

    1. GD says:

      The Ruger LCR in .327 Federal Magnum would be a great revolver for you. It will easily handle the 32 H&R Magnum and even milder 32 S&W Long. The 32 long is the cheapest and can be a good defense round in the wadcutter format. Recoil is light, trigger is nice, and the gun is lightweight. It is my favorite for self defense.

  11. David Slate says:

    I am interested in purchasing some of the 32 ammo that I saw on here Robert H. Gray. I realize it’s been several months but you never know till ask. Thank you, David S

  12. Simón Olguín says:

    What about 32-20? For me, it is the real 32 magnum.

    1. Dave Orchard says:

      .32-20 is a great rifle round, whether in lever-action or single-shot.
      The greater diameter limits you to K-frame size in DA revolvers or full size frame SA revolvers.
      It is going to extract more easily than the new .327.

      I have fired about 10 thou .32-20 rds, mostly in Marlin rifles. (Some in 3rd model S&W Hand-Ejector that I used to edc, and in SAA.) (Both are too heavy for me to want to carry them now in my mid-70s)

      .32 H&R in re-timed Ruger Single-Six with a lighter trigger-return spring to lessen trigger pull has about 7 thou+ rds thru it and is my most-shot/most fun pistol 🙂
      (I am seriously considering having a single-shot re-barreled for a same-cal. rifle since I prefer single-shot rifles.).

      Re .32H&R: I load 100 gr. cast WC between 850 & 1,000 fps (depending on which powder I am using. Peak accuracy varies with fps in various powders…You cannot load to a fixed velocity and expect optimal accuracy with every powder…)
      The WC shoots accurately to 80+ yds. (Distance I can shoot from the porch of our cabin), and is a great small game killer.

      Federal cases sometimes split on 1st firing…Starline are WAY better.

      Only way I can afford to shoot is to handload…(Primers are hard to find these days )-:
      There are a wide variety of pistol and shotgun powders that work well in .32 Long/.32 H&R.


  13. JJ Shirk says:

    I have a Ruger .327 mag which I shoot a .32 H&R or .32 long for practice. Just renewed my CC using the the .32 long with it, the instructor was impress with the close grouping. When I first purchased the .327 I had the trigger pull reduce down to 3.2# it was 6.3# that came from the factory. I know the now retired person that was over the Ruger production and he said the heavy # trigger pull is from the lawyers and that is one main reason for inaccuracy. The .327 is my home defense and I usually carry a compact 9mm with me.

  14. John F. Allan says:

    I just picked up a 7 shot, 32 H&R Mag. Charter Arms Pro. with a 3” barrel, no kick at all, Charter ARMS AND C.C. MAGAZINE GOT TOGETHER for a great gun, my older sister is 77 this is her first gun. Today was her first day at the range , she loves it.

  15. crazy gunsmith says:

    i have been shooting the 32 for many years
    i had a blackhawk with 32 h&r mag and 32/20 cylinders
    i also have a ruger 101 in 327 mag and will shoot the 327,32 h&r,32 long and 32 short
    the h&r mag is much more than a 380 with the federal hollow points and as a reloader you can make that cartridge scream down range with one of the ruger guns or the smith and wesson
    as for the charter arms and the old h&r pistols you would want to work up your loads with a bit more caution as they are not as stout as the rugers. its tough to get a good double action trigger on the ruger guns because of their design and not have trouble with misfires.
    i suggest buying the ruger 6 shot 327 or a used 32Hr and practise your double action shots with the cheap 32 longs and shorts and learn the old cowbowboy cock and draw method and shoot them single action where the trigger is much more user friendly.
    overall the 327 is my second favorite round to shoot and load for behind the 357 sig
    lastly i always use the 32 blackhawk when im teaching women who are new to shooting, the recoil is mild and the pistol and round are accurate. if you can find a deal on a smith grab it as they are easy to smooth up the trigger on and still be reliable
    i am a retired gunsmith and a hunter safety instructor and teach concealed carry classes.

  16. Tim Toroian says:

    The guy named Mike up above hit the nail smack on the head with a framing hammer

  17. John B Schneider says:

    Give me a break. How about the .327 Magnum? It’s even better. Like to have a .327 semi. I have a Ruger Single Six and love it. The smaller rounds are fun but the .327 is serious.

  18. Robert says:

    E: Hey Momma….My sister packs a S&W 640 w/internal hammer. You can shoot this thing from within your pocket or purse and the .357 puts a smack down on a perp. You can practice with cheaper .38 rounds and then load your .357 for concealed carry.

  19. Sam says:

    I have the Charter Arms 32 mag, and am wondering if the S&W longs are ok for defense? I read the round nose doesn’t penetrate enough. Does the 32 HR mag penetrate enough even? 32 H&R mag is hard to get ahold of and expensive, so wonder if I can put down skunks, raccoon etc with S&W longs.

    1. Johnboy says:

      Sam, whoever told you that is full of hooey. Ballistic gell mimics the muscle and fat of the human body, and .32 long penetrates to the 8 inch mark, conservatively. Hot loads give consistent 10″ penetration.

  20. Irene Rowell says:

    Thank You for showing me what the .380 can do.

  21. Dave Davis says:

    I have owned a Taurus Ultra-Lite 32 H&R Mag for the last 10 years. I originally bought it because I like to buy odd-ball calibers just for the Hell of it. (My shooting buddy gives me a hard time about my quirks with fiearms.) It has been, without a doubt, the best wheel gun I could have bough for CC. Although the ammo can be a bit spendy (which is totally subjective depending on the individual shooter), I have found this gun to be one of my best, and favorite, guns I have ever purchased. Without punching hundreds of rounds down range at 10 to 15 yards, the lack of recoil and ease of handling easily allows me to put groups of six tight enough to ruin any thug’s dsy. Oh, and did I mention that the size and weight makes this piece the perfect pocket rocket. To sum up: This is a damn nice revolver that anyone can master and use for your self defense.

  22. Michael Frankowski says:

    Does anyone know if there is a recoil difference between Black Hills and Federal 85 grain 32 magnum jacketed hollow points? Does one brand have less felt recoil than the other when fired from the same gun?

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