3 Reasons To Try the .338 Federal on Your Next Hunt

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The .338 Federal is your best bet when going in for a big hunt. With its powerful punch that can take down games as large as antelopes and deers, it’s a wonder why it continues to be an underrated cartridge among hunters.

So if you’re looking into leveling up your hunts, here are reasons why you should start considering the .388 Federal today.

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Reasons Why the .338 Federal is Perfect for Hunting Big Game

1. Superior Quality

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Any dedicated hunter or gun enthusiast would recognize Federal Cartridge, which now goes by Federal Premium Ammunition. Its legacy lies in its capability to produce top-notch cartridges for civilian to military needs.

And with the .338 Federal being the first to even bear the brand's name, we can safely assume that the cartridge carries the superiority the Federal brand is known for.

2. Powerful Punch

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The .358 Winchester is a cartridge that packs a punch. However, it has never been able to successfully steal the limelight from the .308 Winchester. Undeterred, the Federal released a neck-up of the .308 Winchester: the .338 Federal.

Nestled between the .308 and .358, the .338 Federal is designed to bring hunters closer to success by taking in the powerful features of both the .308 and the .358.

3. Perfect Balance on its Ballistics by The Inch

black-rifle-ammo-scope-on-multicam | 338 federal

Since we’re already comparing the .308, .338, and .358, you may also want to know that the .338 Federal is the one that hits that perfect spot in its Ballistics by The Inch (BBTI) among the three. Comparing their ballistic performances, the .308 Winchester has a flatter trajectory but has higher energy compared to the .358 Winchester as it travels downrange.

The .358, on the other hand, has more kinetic energy at short range. Placing the two next to the .338 Federal, you’ll find that the .338 Federal sits comfortably between the .308 and .358, giving hunters the perfect balance when it comes to ballistic performance.

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Lock in Your Hunt the .338 Federal Paired with AR-10 Calibers

modern-automatic-carbine-optical-collimator-sight | 338 federal

To lock in success on your hunt, the best rifle cartridge should obviously come in paired with a top-quality rifle. What better brand to rely on than the renowned Wilson Combat?

Anyone who knows Wilson Combat’s founder Bill Wilson would know how serious a hunter he is. In his hunts, he only uses the best. His high standards inspired him to come up with his own line of weapons through Wilson Combat.

Bill Wilson himself shares the confusion that comes with the .338 Federal’s unpopularity, in comparison with the more widely known cartridges in the likes of the .308 Winchester, the .30-06, and the 7mm Remington Magnum (7mm bullet).

He believes the .338 to be powerful ammo and is best paired with the semiautomatic rifles from his very own AR-10 platform, which is more commonly known as WC-10 in Wilson Combat.

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Advantages Of Using Wilson Combat AR-10 Rifles With .338 Federal

military-aims-rifle-target-close | 338 federal

1. Premium Parts

Wilson Combat has high standards. You know you are getting what you are paying for with their rifles' highly durable and premium parts. Such make-up gives you one less thing to worry about during your hunts. This is because you know that your weapon will not fail you in the heat of the moment.

2. Advanced Manufacturing Processes

Premium parts are nothing if assembled poorly. To uphold its legacy of outstanding quality, Wilson Combat subjects its weapons through advanced and meticulous processes during manufacturing. The same goes for the AR-10 rifles. With Wilson Combat's AR-10 rifles, you can proudly say you have already won half the battle.

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3. Ease of Use and Smooth Operation

AR-10’s firearm has rounded edges and is solid where it should be. This is to make it easier for hunters to interact with this weapon, especially during the hunt.

4. Ensured Accuracy and Reliability

Anything that Wilson Combat releases undergo a rigorous process involving tons of research and testing. Because of this, there is an increase in the accuracy of shots made, which makes AR-1o a reliable companion, especially in the most tension-filled moments of the hunt.


Curious about the performance of the .338 Federal? Check out this video of a hunt using the .388:

Like all weapons and ammo, it really depends on the preference and skill of the hunter behind the trigger. Apart from getting great gears, make sure that you also put in the time and effort to hone your skills as a hunter to increase your chances of success during the hunt.

Have you ever tried the .338 Federal for yourself? Comment what you think about it below!

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5 Responses to :
3 Reasons To Try the .338 Federal on Your Next Hunt

  1. Lawrence Glen Charlson says:

    The .338 has been my foremost hunting rifle. My experience comes from the Police sniper stand point. I shot .348 lapua for the last 10 years of teaching swat schools and actual operations. We used highly modified Remington 700s as the primary sniper tool. I can say this about 338 in general, there’s nothing in North America it won’t take down first shot. I would be comfortable with the 338 in any hunt anywhere in the world. My only complaint as now a civilian is the cost of ammonium!
    Lance C.

  2. Floyd Mckenney says:

    I have a .338 Mag. Have you ever tested it for speed, distance, and punching power? I like it, but it is quite expensive to shoot now.

  3. John Schneider says:

    I just don’t see where this fits in at all for me, that is. Now if someone were to give me a Wilson AR10 I would find a place. I have everything from a .243, 6.5 Creedmore, 6.5 Weatherby McWorter, 270, .270 Ackley Imp, 7mm-08, 7mag, 308, 30-06, 300 win Mag, and .338 Win Mag and a .350 Rem Mag. Now like I said if someone gave me any Wison I surely would fit in my batting order. Like Larry Potterfield said, ” Why does a man need more than one pair of hunting boots?”

  4. Mcentire says:

    The cost is just to great to make the change. The limit on ammo and the increase in cost per shot make it impossible to get.

  5. Todd Brown says:

    .308 trajectory with .358 punch what’s not to love? Most new hunting cartridges are rehash & trends see 6.5 creed more vs 6.5×55 Swede. For hunting purpose not long range target there is nothing new there. .338 Federal makes the most hunting sense since the .25/06! Don’t believe it ? Just compare performance & lie to yourself if you want😎

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