40 Ohio School Districts to Allow Teachers to Carry Weapons

November 25, 2015 / Comments (2)

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The chance that a mass shooting occurs at any of the 40 Ohioan school districts where teachers are now allowed to carry a concealed weapon just dropped dramatically. In an attempt to combat what most people never want to see happen, these school districts are allowing teachers to carry weapons on school property and further training them to take action, should that horrid day ever occur.
Of course, those on the left are leery that such measures could ever stop a shooting, but one thing remains to be true: Bad guys don't want to get shot, either. At least not until they've carried out their plans, that is.
And if there is anything that the past has taught us, it is that gun-free zones do not work. In fact, all a gun-free zone does, is tell the criminals which place is the best one to go on a killing spree.
If nothing else, the armed staff in the schools act as a deterrent to criminals wishing harm on innocent children. There are those people who would tell you that if the kids are misbehaving, the teacher could get angry and shoot that bad apple in the class.
As if a teacher needs a gun to inflict harm on a kid.
Listen, that chance will always be there. You, me or Hillary C. could have a psychotic break at any moment (and, it's questionable if she's already had one). However most, if not all, teachers choose that profession because they love kids. They want to help shape the minds of the future and have a positive impact on someone's life.
It makes sense to arm the teachers to protect the children from harm. But, great care must be taken to ensure the safety of the children. The specifics of where the firearms will be kept isn't known at this point. Will they be in a holster on the person's body? Or, will they be in a lock box in the desk?
The teachers need to ensure that the firearms never fall to the wrong hands. They also need to train at regular intervals, but not just shooting at targets. The best way to train, is by simulating what would actually happen in a school shooting to be best prepared in the art of saving lives.
What is your take on this? Should all school districts allow teachers to carry weapons on school property? Personally, I think it's a great idea and I hope more schools follow Ohio's lead.
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