4th of July Contest Winners

July 8, 2016 / Comments (2)



If there is one thing we know here at Survival Life, it’s that everyone loves a good contest! The opportunity to win something with the click of a button is always a crowd pleaser, but nothing could have prepared us for the amount of responses we received for this one. You guys blew us away. Maybe it had something to do with the question we asked. “What Tradition Do You Celebrate Each 4th?” Gets you thinking, right? We all have our family traditions for such a special day in U.S. history so reading yours was a pleasure.

Having spent the last few days reading each and every one of the entries (yes, it took us THAT long to get through them) we are pleased to announce that we have picked our winners.

Congratulations to Pauline Hughes and Ken Reynolds. We’ll be contacting both of you so we can send you your gift cards.

Thank you to everyone who entered and submitted their stories. We’ll have more contests coming soon so if you didn’t win this time, you can try again!

Check out the winning entries below:

Pauline Hughes wrote:
Howdy Joe. For this year we had a cook out. We had some drinks and then after dark we had fireworks we lit up!!! Neighbors hanging with neighbors. One of our neighbors is from England and never had a s'mores so we lit the fire pit and treated him. This was his first 4th of July and it was a great one. Welcome to America!!!! Lol Thanks for the email and hope you enjoyed our memories!!! God Bless!

Ken Reynolds
We attended a traditional Independence Day celebration in a little community center in the Midway community located between Smithville and McMinnville, Tennessee. The day included great hamburgers and fries, corndogs, hot dogs and homemade ice cream. Entertainment included a beautiful baby contest, and young lady beauty contest, live music, a horseshoe throwing contest, a softball game and other games and fun. The day ended with a great fireworks display. The function was attended by an estimated three to four hundred people, kids and dogs. There was also a raffle contest for a homemade quilt. I did not win again this year. What is wonderful is that I fed nine people hamburgers, some fries and ice cream for less than $50 and it all tasted excellent. We try to attend every year and if you want to see how we celebrated the 4th 50 years ago, take you a trip on the 4th to Midway!

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