5 Gardening Tips And Tricks You Can Use Right Now!

5 Gardening Tips And Tricks You Can Use Right Now

There are many gardening tips and tricks that can help you make the most out of your garden. Often, you can simply use a few household items and ingredients for a bit of garden help. The best part of these tips is that none of them involve pesticides and toxic chemicals. We guarantee that following these tips would help improve your garden.

Gardening Tips And Tricks | What You Need To Know


Tip #1: Turn Your Plastic Milk Jug Into A Watering Jug

Turn Your Plastic Milk Jug Into A Watering Jug
We’re all about recycling when it comes to gardening. This is a great affordable alternative to watering cans given how actual gardening tools can be quite expensive. And aside from saving a bit of cash, you’ll also be able to recycle more. Recycling plastic containers is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and preserve the environment. Simply take a small needle to a flame and use it to pierce tiny holes into the lid of your milk jug.

Tip #2: Use Coffee Grounds In Your Garden

Use Coffee Grounds In Your Garden
Consider adding your morning coffee’s grounds to your compost. This is because of how coffee grounds are an excellent fertilizer component that adds nutrients into the soil and manages the pH balance. Aside from this, coffee grounds also improves the soil texture, ensures efficient drainage, and naturally prevents pests from getting into your crops.

Tip #3: Use Crushed Eggshells

Use Crushed Eggshells
You can scatter some crushed eggshells at the base of your plants to help protect them from unwanted pests. Additionally, eggshells also fertilize the soil through providing calcium to your plants. Ensuring your plants get enough calcium is important due to how this mineral is essential when it comes to reinforcing cell walls. Eggshells also help reduce the acidity of the soil.

Tip #4: Re-grow Your Vegetables From Kitchen Scraps

Re-grow Your Vegetables From Kitchen Scraps
Don’t be too quick throw away your vegetable scraps. These scraps can actually be used to help improve your garden growth through composting. Sooner than you know it, you’ll be harvesting another batch of your favorite veggies. Simply sprinkle your scraps below your growing veggies and make sure you keep your plants constantly moist.

Tip #5: Grow Microgreens

Grow Microgreens
The addition of wonderful microgreens to anything from your salads to your smoothies will definitely elevate what you’ve prepared both in terms of nutritious value as well as the taste itself. And luckily, growing these microgreens isn’t difficult at all. All that you’ll be needing are a few seeds, potting soil, a recycled shallow tray, and the perfect spot for ample sun exposure.
To learn more about gardening, watch this video by California Gardening.

There are definitely many more sources of gardening tips available. However, we hope that you’ll find our gardening tips and tricks to be useful as you begin to plant on your own. These particular garden hacks are so easy to do and only involve natural processes and ingredients to ensure you and your plants are safe and healthy.
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