5 Questions I'd Ask At The Presidential Debate

What would I ask the two candidates during this presidential debate? I'm glad you asked, because this is some important stuff. If I were the moderator, here are just a few things I'd want to know. Obviously, “gun control” is a hot topic these days and will likely be the subject of at least one question tonight, or during one of the other debates. Either way, this debate should be very telling about the future of our country. Please let me know what you'd ask them in the comments. Here's what I'd ask:
I've had the pleasure of living in another country for a bit while in the Marines. That country is much harsher on convicted criminals than the USA is. Do you feel as though adopting criminal justice policies from another country is better than adopting their anti-Constitution gun bans? 

Further Point: In other countries, ya know, the ones who they want to adopt the gun-laws from, actually treat criminals like the garbage they are. Their goal is to make prison so un-enjoyable that they never want to return. When you look at the criminal justice system in USA, where criminals are provided three hot meals per day, warm water to wash their bodies, a bed to sleep on, big screen TVs, cable television, DVD players, radios, etc., they actually want to go back. To some criminals, it's a lifestyle choice.
But, if you feed them fish heads and rice, and give them a mat to sleep on along with some hard labor, they'd likely not be so willing to hurt others.
Studies have shown that children with guns in the home—children who know and respect guns—are less likely to pick up and play with a real gun. Knowing that, do you believe that criminalizing toy guns to prevent children from using their imagination is better than teaching children about them and how to be safe with them?

Further Point: This may come as a shock, but I played with toy guns as a kid and didn't grow up to be a murderer. I was also taught about guns at a young age, so maybe that has something to do with it. Plain and simple, if guns are demonized when kids are younger it'll create fear in them, instead of respect. A while back, we posted an article about a small study which concluded that kids with guns in the house respected them more than kids without.
Obviously, the parents need to teach their children. And, when it comes to toys, that is precisely what they are. Toys. Toys cannot hurt someone. If they're taught about gun safety, and that you shouldn't point your gun at anything you don't intend to shoot, they won't point their toy guns at people, either. I've seen it in my own home with my children's toys.
How do you plan to deal with the jihadis who perform, and practice, terrorism on US soil? Please don't say gun control is the answer, especially when they've been using bombs more often than not.

Further Point: We all know which one of the candidates will answer “gun-control” because it's almost a knee-jerk reaction. Another thing that we all know is that terrorists will still be able to get whatever they need for their cause, and that controlling our guns isn't the key to fighting that. Even more so now that they seem to have gone to home made bombs, at least in the recent attacks.
Gun control is not the answer because these people still want to harm us. They will still be able to get guns, much like convicted felons can still get guns. And, when you can build a bomb from materials found in a hardware store, it's got nothing to do with guns.
Can you define the term “shall not be infringed” for the hundreds of millions watching?

Further Point: This is obviously in reference to the Second Amendment. Many times has one of the candidates said things about “common sense” gun reform, or adopting Australian style gun regulations. The fact remains, however, that the founding fathers wrote “shall not be infringed” into that law. And yet, somehow, it's infringed upon all the time by states around the country.
You'd think this was common sense, and yet people get it wrong all the time.
Who is the gun lobby in your eyes? Is it the NRA? The NSSF? The GOA? Or is it We, the People?

Further Point: Some people make mention of going after the “gun lobby” to make sure that the gun makers and sellers are able to get into trouble when people screw up with guns. Or so that the “gun lobby” can't keep politicians accountable for their actions.
One thing that most of the gun-grabbers don't realize is that you and I make up the gun lobby. We are the ones who join organizations like the ones listed above in the hopes that they will fight for our rights. Someone has to do it, and we choose who that someone is. National Rifle Association has somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 million American members. The others have hundreds of thousands of members, and there are plenty I didn't list here.
Those 5 million NRA members is where people like Wayne and Chris get their power from. And, for every person who's a member of the NRA, there are several who aren't members, who are, in fact, gun owners. We are the gun lobby, and it's our money that fights corruption in DC.
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