Sniper Rifle Facts | 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Sniper Rifles

Featured | Sniper rifle on bipod on ground background | Sniper Rifle Facts | Things You Didn't Know About Sniper Rifles

Increase your knowledge about the capability of sniper rifles and what these long-range firearms can do!

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Sniper Rifles | Interesting Facts You Might Not Know Of

Long-Range Power and Accuracy


Sniper Rifles. One shot, one kill, the sniper model. Sniper teams operate with little combat support from their parent units and they specialize in using high precision rifles reaching long-range marksmanship.

Although the U.S. wasn’t the first country to develop sniping as a formalized military skill, the U.S. is currently at the cutting edge of innovation of snipers and sniping systems. Our hero-backed boys over at showcase five things you don’t know about sniper rifles.

Sniper Rifle Fact Number 1


When firing a Raufoss Mk211 round, the M107 will fly at 2700 feet per second, penetrating a cinderblock wall and destroying anything behind it. Including your morning.

Sniper Rifle Fact Number 2


The primary difference between the M40 and M24 is Action length. These M24 7.62 Nato bolt action rifles have a 5-10 round magazine and a muzzle velocity of 2300-2800fps (depending on ammunition power).

What is Muzzle Velocity? This is the speed of a bullet as it leaves the muzzle of a firearm.

The M40 7.62 Nato bolt action rifle has a 5 round internal clip with a range of 800 meters.

Sniper Rifle Fact Number 3


The M25 is actually an upgraded M14. The overall length of the M25 is 44.3 inches, barrel length is 22 inches, its weight is 4.9 kg and boats a ball-shrinking max range of 900 meters.

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Sniper Rifle Fact Number 4


On the introduction of the MK12, it was the only semi-auto sniper rifle firing 5.56 ammo. The MK12 gave the sniper the capability to put more rounds down range without impeding accuracy.

Sniper Rifle Fact Number 5


The M110 was the first semi-auto sniper rifle designed from the ground up. The M110 was designed for long range accuracy in almost any conditions, but it's the firepower that makes the difference.

Here's a video by on 5 things you didn't know about sniper rifles:

How's that for a little education on sniper rifles? Regular gun owners don't necessarily have to purchase and own these powerful guns.

But if you have the financial capacity to purchase one and long-range marksmanship is your thing, these sniper rifle facts might come handy one way or another.

Are you a sniper rifle enthusiast? Tell us about your knowledge about sniper rifles not included in the list above. Share them with us in the comments section below!


Sniper Rifle Facts | Things You Didn't Know About Sniper Rifles |

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Sniper Rifle Facts | 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Sniper Rifles

  1. Rowdy says:

    Sniperrifles are to buy freely ???

  2. Steven Hoelzle says:

    You left out the best sniper rifle available the Accuracy International AX with Night Force ATACR scope

  3. Ray says:

    Do not leave out my favorite: Heckler and Koch PSG1.

  4. Robby J. Hookham says:

    It is NOT the Snipers Model, it is the Snipers Motto.
    If your going to post a story in English, learn the English language!

    1. Sir’s, I recently purchased a Argentene FN take off with a tube for the scoap. The scope in stamped Sniper Scope. I am trying to find out about this Gun? It was an estate sale the gentlman was a retired Military Ranger. I think he was in the WW11 Theather. I also purchased a Walther P-38. How can I find out more about this Weapon? I can’t find it in any of my books! and I have a bunch Hardcopy and soft. It is 762×51. Thanks for helping

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