5 Gun Safety Rules For New Gun Owners

gun safety rules

You may feel a sense of victory once you have a gun to your name, but it doesn't end there. You must be a responsible gun owner, which means following gun safety rules to the tee.

Gun Safety Rules | No Room for Ignorance

Owning a new gun often comes with a sense of power and responsibility.

It’s a great thing, and it’s a phenomenal fact that our country allowed us to own weapons (though some states may try to disagree on this point).

Still, even when you purchase a weapon, you should quickly become familiar with the top five safety rules for new gun owners.

These will help you use your weapon safely and responsibly and prevent any accidents. Let’s break each rule down in turn.

1. Never Point a Weapon at Another Person

… unless you intend to shoot, that is.

This is arguably the most important rule for all firearm owners and especially new gun users.

The frequent rebuttal is, “but what if the gun isn’t loaded?”

Our response is that you never really know for 100% certainty that your weapon (or any weapon) is unloaded.

Therefore, you should never point a weapon at another person, or even a target, unless you fully intend to shoot and have cleared the firing range beforehand.

Steadfast adherence to this rule ensures that there will never be any mishaps with gun safety on your watch.

Besides, it’s a pretty simple rule to keep in mind and follow 100% of the time.

The alternative is that you point a weapon unknowingly loaded with a cartridge at somebody and accidentally injure them.

Just don’t risk it.

2. Keep Your Finger Off the Trigger


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Similarly, it’s a good rule of thumb to keep your finger off of your weapon’s trigger unless you intend to shoot.

Instead, you should practice good trigger discipline by keeping your trigger finger outside the weapon’s trigger loop, pressing it against the side of your gun.

Doing this will help you maintain firearm safety and will still let you respond quickly if you need to pull the trigger in a self-defense situation.

3. Store Your Weapon/Ammo Safely

Another big part of gun safety has nothing to do with how you handle the weapon on the field or in a self-defense scenario.

Instead, new gun owners should take care to store their weapons and ammunition safely, all while keeping their circumstances in mind.

For instance, you can store your gun anywhere you like if you live by yourself or with other responsible adults.

But you should always keep your guns hidden or out of reach if you have kids in the house. This goes double for any ammunition.

It’s also often a good idea to keep your ammunition and gun separate where possible to prevent kids or uneducated adults from getting their hands on a fully loaded firearm.

4. Always Wear Ear Protection


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This safety tip isn't always practical if you get into a self-defense scenario. But if you ever head to the gun range, be sure to use adequate ear protection.

Guns produce explosive reactions that can do a number on your eardrums over time, even if you think you're getting used to it.

Always wear ear protection no matter what, and consider eye protection if you shoot on a dusty range.

5. Perform Frequent Maintenance

Your weapon will only perform reliably and safely if you keep it up to par.

Be prepared to maintain your firearms at least once every two weeks by checking them for rust and other exterior damage, cleaning them, oiling them, and otherwise ensuring their operational safety.

You don't want your gun to explode in your hand or hurt someone just because you skipped basic maintenance.

Never Go Around Gun Safety Rules

Never Go Around Gun Safety Rules | Gun Safety Rules For New Gun Owners

Overall, the above five gun safety rules are great standards to live by.

There are more specific rules, and even occasional exceptions, to the above ideas, but new gun owners should master these basic principles before moving on to any others. Let us know if you have any questions or want to learn more!

Do you have other basic gun safety rules to add for beginner gun owners? Please share them in the comments section!

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