5 Ways to Sharpen a Knife

how to sharpen a knife

October 9, 2023 / Comments (1)

Survival Skills

5 Ways to Sharpen a Knife

No Knife Sharpener? No Problem!

SHTF situations bring difficult circumstances. It's really not easy to imagine what you'll be facing when TEOTWAWKI comes. With any luck, you'll have your bug out bag, or you could be left with just your personal effects and pocket knife.

As you try to survive and keep going, your knife will become more and more useful and important.

Over time it will turn dull, requiring some sharpening. A knife that cannot be cut is useless and unsafe. It's not a good idea to keep using the dull blade by putting more force into it.

It's actually safer when the knife has a sharp edge. What if you don't have the usual sharpening tools like the grinding wheel, electric sharpener, or sharpening stone?

As a survivalist, you'll have to be resourceful and use what's lying around to keep your knife on edge. Watch this YouTube video from CrazyRussianHacker and see alternative ways to keep your knife sharp.

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5 Ways to Sharpen a Knife

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