7 Apps That Will Guide You Through A Natural Disaster

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Commentary: This short list contains several apps that can help you out in an emergency ( provided you have battery power to run it) as well as some ideas that can help to entertain you during a blackout. Below are the apps that I have on my personal phone

1. SAS survival lite ( has a quiz that helps you test your preparedness

2. Survival guide ( digital version of the F.M. 21.76  survival manual)

3. ZS prepare ( zombie survival app that has a google  location finder that will point out all of the nearest gas stations, grocery stores, pawn shops etc

How do you use technology to your advantage?

Hurricane Sandy could bring flooding and power outages if it touches down in D.C. (NASA) You’ve hoarded bread, water and toilet paper in preparation for Hurricane Sandy, but the modern emergency kit isn’t complete without a well-stocked smartphone. Along with the Capital Weather Gang , whom you can follow on Twitter , these seven apps can help you track the weather, pass the time and even find a shelter in case of the worst. Just make sure to charge your phone before Sandy hits D.C. on Sunday night. Hurricane Tracker ($1.99, iPhone): Anything and everything you’d want to know […]

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2 Responses to :
7 Apps That Will Guide You Through A Natural Disaster

  1. kunquoda says:

    I hear a lot about escaping, traveling and bugging out..where is everybody going? I live in a very rural area, about 8-10 miles from a small town, the nearest larger town is aprox 30 miles away. I have a well, and septic. Would I need to leave my home and go somewhere else? if so, where would I go.?

  2. Adam says:

    You already have the ideal location for most disasters unless its a natural disaster that effects your location. Build on the isolation you have and take heart you live hwer e90% of preppers would love to live.

    Adam in England

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