7 Awesome Guns For Mountain Hunting

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Looking for the most awesome guns when hunting in the mountains? We have seven models for you right here!

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7 Awesome Guns for Your Mountain Hunting Trips

Hunting in the Mountains

When you're hunting in the mountains, you have to be sure your firearm is in good working condition when you're out there in the woods. There are several different aspects and features of guns that make them desirable for different uses.

Having the right rifle for the hunt will make for a fine hunting experience. There's no telling when you'll be in a dangerous situation in the mountains, and your rifle can make the difference in matters of defending yourself apart from hunting—it must not fail.

Carrying all that hunting gear along with your rifle can be very grueling, not to mention the needed focus as you aim for your target. That is why some rifles are specially made to be lightweight and can be comfortably carried by the moving hunter.

Though some are a few pounds heavier than others, these rifles offer a more stable aim and a number of features that serve other purposes.

Ultimately, the hunter chooses his gun, and regardless of the rifle's weight, it shouldn't take away the durability and reliability of the firearm. Check out the best guns ever made for mountain hunting and see which of these suits your hunting needs.

1. Remington Model 700 XCR II

This gun is for extreme weather and conditions—a ready remake of the classic Remington. This rifle is very scratch- and weather-resistant due to its stainless steel coated with trinyte.

What is Trinity? A very thin multi-layer coating for firearms that provides tough armor for protection against abrasion and rust.

This rifle is sturdy and rugged, a feature that makes it well worth the extra heaviness of this gun.

2. Kimber 84M Mountain Ascent

The Kimber 84M Mountain Ascent is a reputable brand for mountain rifles. This featherweight rifle weighs less than five pounds, making it the lightest rifle you're likely to come across on this market.

It is also incredibly resistant to even the most extreme weather conditions, making this Kimber one of the best wilderness survival guns in the market. This rifle has a great look to it and fits well on the shoulder.

3. Winchester Model 70 Extreme Weather SS

Another rifle modeled after a classic, this version stands up to the weather in a big way.

Weighing in just a bit heavier than a featherweight rifle, this gun is lightweight but far from delicate.

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4. Savage Model 16/116 FCSS

The acutrigger and overall construction of this rifle contribute to a lot of precision. At around 7 pounds, this is a great gun for mountain hunting.

This rifle is rugged, accurate, and budget-friendly. The quality and affordability of this gun make it one of the essential guns to own.

5. HS Precision Pro Series 2000

This rifle is another ideal option for a mountain hunter. Though not having the lightweight feature, this gun weighs in at 10-12 pounds and is arguably the most accurate rifle you can lay your hands on.


The rifle can be fully customized to a hunter’s needs, whether for the hunt of a lifetime or a lifetime of many hunts.

6. Thompson Center Venture Composite SS

This is among the most reliable and long-lasting rifles on the market right now. Long-term dependability is key to a good mountain hunting rifle.


This rifle has all sorts of great features—an externally adjustable trigger, good caliber variety, match-crowned barrel, and guaranteed 1 MOA accuracy.

7. Ruger M77 Hawkeye All-Weather

This gun isn't the lightest on this list, but it's still a very manageable 7 pounds. The extra ruggedness is definitely worth a little extra weight.


This rifle is available in multiple caliber options.

Take a closer look at the Tikka T3 Superlite in this video by Hunt Simple:

What do you think of this rifle list? The hunter must be comfortable with his weapon in all aspects.

Each person has his own unique style and way of doing things. I personally prefer heavier rifles as I feel like I have more shooting control with them.

This may not be true for all shooters who do exceptionally well with lightweight hunting rifles.

Which of these awesome guns do you think will suit you best? Tell us about it in the comments section below!


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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on March 17, 2014, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

11 Responses to :
7 Awesome Guns For Mountain Hunting

  1. Tom says:

    Great review!

    Those of you that are wealthy can afford those expensive rifles, I wish most of us could.

    Those of you that opt for a Savage, for example, will not lose on accuracy and performance. The MOA loss is so minute, that it will not make any difference unless you are a competitor in target shooting.

    Once again..Great review. Thank You.

  2. Ram says:

    I believe people can survive without mountain hunting… promoting guns?? what has it got to do with survival? US is not a war torn country. Guys please do not promote hunting or guns.

    1. Steve says:

      Hunting and guns don’t have to do with survival? Tell that to guys in Afghanistan.

  3. Scott bonner says:

    All of the rifles listed are awesome and I know that you could easily double the list if you had the time. My son shoots a Savage Axis that is light and accurate straight from the box. My Ruger American is also light and accurate with the adjustable trigger pull and the fact that from front sight to recoil pad is made in America sold me on it and I wouldn’t trade it for any other rifle!

  4. David says:

    You have lots of good stuff here, but I do have a real complaint.
    A fellow comes on to tell me about this great idea in just 7 minutes and then goes on and on & on & on with a spiel that lasts about 30 minutes. It is just another typical American salesman peddling something
    ( I am Australian ) The goods might be great, Solar power, an AR 15 etc
    but I do wish the man would cut down on the sales pitch and get to the point. then I might be able stick it out to the end.
    Thankyou, David

  5. I agree with Tom. It would be nice to own a $2000 hunting hunting rifle, but for the most part, its the person shooting the rifle. I sell a lot of the Savages – especially their Youth .243, and have not head one person say anything bad about them.

  6. malft says:

    I’m going to stick with my ’03 Springfield scoped and her best friend my M1 with the composite stock and a matching scope. Why the same scope twice? I didn’t want to learn how two set up and use two different scopes; cuts down on the confusion and we’re all trying to make it as easy as possible to survive.

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