8 Ways to Make Camping More Comfortable

8 Ways to Make Camping More Comfortable

July 10, 2019 / Comments (4)


If you or someone in your party isn’t all that excited about camping in the wilderness, there are some things you can do to make the experience more enjoyable and possibly go camping again in the future. Camping is a fairly popular American past time, so try and get your family and friends to go on a camping trip with you and use the following tips to make sure they have a good time.

1. Get a good sleeping bag

A good sleeping bag will mean the difference between a good night’s sleep and an uncomfortable night of restlessness. Good sleeping bags aren’t cheap, but they will keep you at a reasonable temperature and have enough material to be comfortable on the ground.

2. Bring noise canceling earphones

Some people are not used to the noise that comes with sleeping outside. If noise keeps you or your camping mates from getting a good sleep, bring along some earplugs to block out common night noises and get some quality sleep. These are also a good option if people like to sleep listening to music, so they can tune out the noise with a noise they are more comfortable with.

3. Pick a good spot

A good camping spot will generally be flat, on grass, and close to a bathroom spot. For those not used to camping, it’s fairly common to wake up in the middle of the night, so being close to a bathroom is a plus for first timers. For those who are more used to camping out, it’s stuff better to sleep somewhere more comfortable.

4. Invest in bug repellant equipment

When camping out, bugs are an unfortunate but inevitable part of the experience. Some people will sleep with bug repellent on them, but they wake up sticky from the bug spray. You could also get a bug net to keep pests out of your sleeping area and you could also invest in some citronella candles to help fend off nighttime insects.

5. Keep your nightly routine

If possible, try and keep your nightly routine as similar as possible. Bring all that you would need to do it (toothbrush, mouthwash, pillows, etc.) and bring your normal pajamas to wear. Having a similar routine that you have at home helps the transition to sleeping outside feel easier and less intimidating.

6. Be prepared for a chilly night

Even in the summer, the temperature can drop a surprising amount, so be sure to have things ready to keep you warm in the middle of the night. Try bringing jackets or another layer of clothes to help stave off the cold. It may also help to make sure your sleeping bag is zipped all the way up and that you have a warm drink next to you if you need something to warm you up quickly.

7. Keep a light handy

Especially for kids who don’t like the dark or adults who have to get up to use the bathroom, it’s important to have a light in the tent and ready to use easily. Having a flashlight right by the sleeping bag will make anyone feel more comfortable when they’re sleeping outside.

8. Keep shoes outside the tent

This one may not seem so obvious, but it helps keep foot odor outside your sleeping place and it makes for a more comfortable sleep. Having a designated place for shoes also helps for easy location at night or the next morning.

Sleep Tight

Sometimes, you won’t be able to like camping or convince someone you love to like camping, but that’s okay! Camping is an experience that isn’t for everyone, but so long as you’ve tried it, you can’t say you don’t like it.

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