9 Ways To Remove A Splinter

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It can be painful to remove a splinter especially if it's in too deep. Check out these natural methods to ease the trouble.

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How to Remove a Splinter Naturally and Painlessly

Painless Splinter Removal

It can be hard and painful to remove a splinter. The most common first thought is “Where are the tweezers?”

With tweezers, it can be a long process and can sometimes make the splinter go deeper into your skin. This may cause wood splinter infection if left unattended.

So here are 9 alternative ways to remove those pesky and often painful splinters.

1. Bacon Fat

Raw meat | Ways To Remove A Splinter
This is an interesting splinter removal hack. Cut a pea-sized piece of white fat from a raw strip of bacon and place it directly on the splinter.

Secure the bacon fat with a band-aid and leave it on overnight. The bacon fat should draw out the splinter from your skin.

2. Hydrogen Peroxide

This method is a bit surprising yet it's actually effective in getting a splinter to the surface. Submerge the affected area in hydrogen peroxide.

The splinter should be drawn out within minutes.

3. Onion

Slices of onion | Ways To Remove A Splinter
Tape a fresh onion slice onto the splinter and leave on overnight. The splinter will be drawn closer to the surface of your skin and will be easy to remove.

4. Epsom Salt Poultice

Soak the affected area in an Epsom salt bath until the splinter gets drawn out. Another way is to take an ample amount of Epsom salt and place it on the surface of the band-aid.

The skin will swell and the splinter will gradually come out.

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5. Wide Mouth Bottle and Hot Water

Shot glasses and hourglass on brown wooden surface | Ways To Remove A Splinter
Fill the bottle almost full with hot water. Place hand with splinter over the opening of the bottle so the opening of the bottle is completely covered.

Steam and suction caused by your hand should draw out the splinter from your skin.

6. Clear Nail Polish

Clear nail polish | Ways To Remove A Splinter
Apply clear nail polish over the affected area and let dry. Peel off in the opposite direction of the splinter.

The splinter should come right out.

7. Essential Oils

Selection of essential oils, with herbs and flowers in the background | Ways To Remove A Splinter
Add a few drops of lavender or clove essential oil to the affected area. This allows the splintered skin to naturally swell.

The splinter should come right out.

8. Castor Oil

Castor beans and oil in a glass jar | Ways To Remove A Splinter
Rub castor oil into the affected area. Cover with a band-aid and leave on overnight.

This softens the skin and the splinter should be easier to remove.

9. Tomato

Cherry tomatoes on the vine | Ways To Remove A Splinter
Apply a small piece of tomato directly onto the splinter with a band-aid and leave on overnight. This should draw the splinter right out.

Watch this short video by Tech Insider about what you need to know about splinters as well as removing them:

Did you notice what this list have in common? You should have most of these materials at home if not all of them.

The average household must have some sort of essential oils or Epsom salt stored somewhere in the house. All you have to do is choose your preferred method of drawing the splinter out.

Keep in mind to always disinfect the wound once the splinter is removed. This will reduce the chances of getting an infection on the affected part.

Which of these ways to remove a splinter have you tried in the past? Tell us about it in the comments section below!


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9 Ways To Remove A Splinter

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    thanks somuch

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    A banana peel can also be used to draw it out.

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    My dad always swore by bread and milk (I don’t know why milk). You soak a small amount of bread in milk and put on the sliver with a Band-Aid. As the bread dries it will shrink and draw up the sliver.

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