A Multi Caliber AR Magazine That May Actually Work

multi caliber magazine
multi-caliber magazine

UNIMAG Multi caliber AR Mag. Photo courtesy of RZE

A Multi Caliber AR Magazine That May Actually Work

There were plenty of vendors at the NRA Annual Meeting. Some of them were even taking some new products with them, like this one called the UNIMAG. It is an interesting development in the magazine world, in that it is supposedly able to cycle multiple different calibers of ammunition.

This is a big deal because, well, it hasn't really ever been successfully done before. These guys were supposed to be at SHOT Show this past January, and I looked for them. However, they had some other things come up and were unable to attend.

So, imagine that you wanted to build an AR-47. If you didn't know, it's basically an AR-15 that shoots the AK cartridge, 7.62X39. But, you also already own several ARs which shoot the NATO cartridge. Instead of having to buy multiple magazines, you could just buy one that is engineered to shoot both calibers.

The guys I spoke to at RZE assured me that this magazine would work in just about every mil-spec rifle made and shoots the following cartridges:

  • .223, 5.56, 300BLK
  • 7.62X39
  • 5.45X39
  • 6.8 SPC
  • 6.5 Grendel
  • .458 SOCOM

I'm going to be building an AR-47 at some point in the hopefully not too distant future. One thing that I've come to realize in the research that I've done in prepping for that build, is that reliable mags are hard to come by. If this UNIMAG is reliable, it'll do the trick while allowing me to continue shooting my AR as well.

How does it work? Well, from the way it was explained to me, the follower is designed to self-level according to the type of ammo you're using. The fatter cartridges will level at a different incline than the thinner ones will. I'm not sure how reliable it is just yet, or if the follower spring will wear out over time.

But, I can say that I loaded the magazine up with several different sizes of ammo, and was able to push each one out as if it were being cycled. Granted, my hand isn't a bolt, and we won't really know how reliable it is until we test one.

They do have some available videos of it being used, if you'd like to watch one:

While they aren't currently listed on the website for sale, I was told that the MSRP will be somewhere in the 30-40$ range. That's a bit expensive for an AR-15 mag. But, not so much for an AR-47 magazine…just as long as it works. Only time will tell.

The gentleman I spoke to enthusiastically told me that he'd send me one to test, and you know me. I'm all for the funky.

Sound Off, Gun Carriers! Do you think there is a market for this type of product? Or, do you just want to own several magazines for your several different types of rifles? Let us know in the comments below. Then, make sure you subscribe to the Gun Carrier YouTube channel, so you never miss a review.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on May 24, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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