A Rant About California's Latest Gun Control Propositions

Adams Arms small frame battle rifle

Every so often, new cringe worthy gun control measures roll downhill from the high and mighty politicians that have the privilege of serving the American public. As of late, California Lt. Governor Newsom is proposing a strict set of gun laws, stating that most Californians want tighter firearm restrictions. Well, maybe down in the liberal minded big cities they do, but up in rural Cali, most people don’t feel the sentiment.

Adams Arms small frame battle rifle

Adams Arms SF .308 which would obviously be illegal in California with its “high capacity” 20 round mag.

What is he proposing? There are a slew of gun control measures aimed at making it nearly impossible to own certain types of guns (because of magazine restriction enforcement) and, get this, requiring a background check in order to buy ammunition.
If passed, these new laws would require that anyone with magazines holding more than 10 rounds sell them to a licensed FFL or turn them over to the police to be destroyed. Of course, “large capacity” magazines are already illegal, and we all know that any criminals who own one of these magazines will be the first ones in line to turn them over to be destroyed.
gun buy back 4
However, that isn’t the worst of it. Even more offending to those of us who have a certain amount of common sense is that, if passed, Californians would be required to pass background checks every time they wish to purchase ammunition. My (liberal) source for this information didn’t say whether or not there would be a restriction on the amount of ammo being purchased.
But, let’s face it, buying more than one box of ammo at a time can be difficult for some because of how expensive it is to begin with.
They don’t want to stop there, though. Ya know, because why stop at background checks when you can require that anyone who wants to sell ammo get a separate license to do so. This is an attempt to make it nearly impossible to buy ammunition. Because, after all, ammo is so evil.
And, guns jump out of holsters all day long and start mass shootings—all by themselves.
And, spoons make people fat.
And, cars get into accidents all on their own.
Oh yeah, just like cocaine, crack and heroin are all banned and criminals can’t get them. Right?
Just like a serial killer can’t go get a steak knife when he wants to go on that killing spree.
Anyway, I digress. This was supposed to be a news post, but instead turned into a furious rant. My apologies. If you’re looking for more gun news, check out the following links:

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Let us know what you think about these new gun control propositions in the comments below.

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A Rant About California's Latest Gun Control Propositions

  1. Jeff State says:

    Scary thing is there are enough brain dead sheep in this state that this unconstitutional, insane law could be passed. Waters from Oreily Factor interviewed people in SoCal about repealing the Bill of Rights and many were all for it. Time for the conservative counties to band together for a sanctuary zone for the Constitution.

    1. guncarrier says:

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