Product Review: The Abdominal Ballistics System (ABS) by AR500 Armor

Product Review: The Abdominal Ballistics System (ABS) by AR500 Armor by Survival Life at

A great concern among many survivalists is that their plate carriers do not cover their lower abdomen area. Fortunately to erase this concern AR500 Armor® has created an Abdominal Ballistics System that is designed to protect the lower abdomen, especially for those with longer torsos, from oncoming ballistics by carrying both soft and hard armor in a lower pouch.

The Abdominal Ballistics System by AR500 Armor®

Product Review: The Abdominal Ballistics System (ABS) by AR500 Armor by Survival Life at

The abdomen needs armor because it is the softest part of the torso. Via

The Abdominal Ballistics System (ABS) by AR500 Armor® is designed to easily integrate with already existing plate carriers that consist of PALS MOLLE webbing. The ABS pouch is held securely by two straps made from 1000D Cordura Nylon and is capable of carrying trauma pads, soft armor, and hard armor plates. The ABS pouch also consists of PALS MOLLE webbing on the front allowing the user to attach additional equipment if necessary.

The durability of the AR500 Armor® Abdominal Ballistic Systems will hold up to the plate carrier that is attached as it is made from the same materials; 1000D Cordura Nylon. The ABS pouch measures to a size of 10.25” x 7”, easily securing hard armor sized at 9.5” x 6” and weighing a total of four pounds fully loaded. If soft armor is used then the ABS pouch weighs a total of 0.5 pounds fully loaded. The maneuverability of the ABS pouch is well thought out once attached to the plate carrier. Since the ABS pouch is meant for the lower abdominal the pouch bends easily at the wearer’s waist, allowing the wearer to freely crouch, stand, and go prone all while firing a weapon. The ABS pouch also offers flexibility specifically for the urban and suburban tactical scenarios the wearer might experience. The AR500 Armor®Abdominal Ballistics System is designed for extra protection with high mobility in mind.

Setting the Abdominal Ballistics System

Setting up the Abdominal Ballistics System by AR500 Armor® is fairly easy but may require some customization based upon the wearer’s tactical preferences. The top straps include G-clips that attach underneath the Velcro flap inside the ABS pouch that holds the soft or hard armor in place. Once the G-clips are in place than the MOLLE straps interweave through the PALS MOLLE webbing located on the front of the plate carrier itself. Once attached be sure to test the pivot point of the ABS pouch to be sure it lines up with your waist. Keep in mind that the Abdominal Ballistics System by AR500 Armor® integrates with most already existing plate carriers. Once rifle and pistol magazine pouches are secured the ABS pouch is ready to go.  Be sure to test the ABS pouch a few times in the field or on the range to ensure that comfort is in tune with mobility and security.

Product Review: The Abdominal Ballistics System (ABS) by AR500 Armor by Survival Life at

As preppers we can never have enough protection in case we get caught in the line of fire. Via ar500armor

Also keep in mind that a minor gap is intended between the Abdominal Ballistics System pouch and the wearer’s plate carrier. The minor gap allows for maneuverability as well as flexibility while maintaining security to the lower abdomen.  The ABS pouch is not meant to attach directly the front of the plate carrier as they will create less space for rifle and pistol magazine pouches or accessory pouches.  Although the ABS pouch offers load bearing, be sure to not overload the pouch as to create unnecessary movement while running or walking. Too much weight on the ABS pouch may offset the pivot point, resulting in less maneuverability.

You can check out the ABS in the video below:

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[youtube id=”2s-YZXatT7U” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Be sure to check out AR500 Armor® at their website to order the Abdominal Ballistics System and hard and soft armor plates, and check them out on Facebook to participate in giveaways and to see new products.

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Product Review: The Abdominal Ballistics System (ABS) by AR500 Armor

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