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Your 19.95 monthly charge from Absolute Rights covers your membership to the Family Protection Association. Read more below for everything you get as part of this incredible group!

Our Mission

house familyAt Family Protection Association we are dedicated to the pursuit of health, happiness, and prosperity for every American family. Our mission is to provide the knowledge, tactics and skills necessary for survival – for everyday life, and in times of need. We know that life comes at you fast, so our goal is to keep you prepared for any and all situations. Whether that be a natural disaster, a car accident, walking home late at night, or even a simple camping trip. Having an adept knowledge of safety and survival skills could not only protect you, but also help save the lives of those you care about.

Our Goals

Our goal is to keep you educated on all the topics of safety and survival. As a member of the Family Protection Association you will have a library of resources streaming to your fingertips on the following items:

  • General life skills
  • General survival skills
  • Extreme survival skills
  • Safety precautions
  • Safety Tips and Tricks
  • Planning for Natural Disasters

We do this because want to keep you informed, protected, happy and healthy. You’ve only got one life, you better be prepared to make the most of it.


FPA Membership $19.95/mo.:

Membership Certificate

Podcast With FPA Experts

Master Video Training Courses

Official Membership Cards

Private Group Page

Weekly e-Newsletter

FPA Lamplighter Hat

Facebook Badge

Exclusive First View Access To All Content

Free Premium Gift

Advisory Board (Voting Rights)

Membership Lapel Pin

Event VIP Status

Become A Member Now!


For questions about your membership, CLICK HERE.


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Absolute Rights Monthly Charge

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