More African-Americans Support Guns For Self Defense

More African-Americans Support Guns For Self Defense

June 24, 2023 / Comments (8)


African-Americans Support Guns

While African-Americans are typically associated with liberal political views, this may be changing when it comes to guns.  In light of incidents like the recent shooting in Charleston, many in the black community now feel that they can no longer rely on the police for their protection.

With support for gun ownership on the rise among African-Americans, we could see a shift in the general population towards favoring less restrictive gun policies.  And, we may even see a shift towards greater preparedness.

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That’s right, even the police chief in Detroit had changed his tune about people arming themselves.

“It was a well-known fact here in Detroit,” he explained. “People didn’t have a lot of confidence that when they dialed 911, that the police were going to show up. In fact, we know they didn’t.”

According the Pew Research Center, 54% of African Americans now view gun ownership as a good thing.

When asked specifically, those surveyed said that owning a gun was more likely to result protection than harm.

Just two years ago that was at 29%.

But many in the community say that it African Americans are being “hunted” and that “self-defense is the only defense.”

Have you noticed any changes in your community's view on gun ownership?  Let us know in the comments.

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8 Responses to :
More African-Americans Support Guns For Self Defense

  1. sanford paris says:

    If you like America and Freedom, forget evberything you ever learned about the great “division of power.” The Exec Branch, Legislative Branch and Supreme Court.

    The USA is going a different way. Anyone from anywhere can vote. Actually, a vote, itself, may become illegal or at a minimum, no more than a token entertainment campaign. Black influence may stall a take away of our guns campaign but it is questionable. Work for achievement and money is lost in the shuffle. There no longer is a measure for achievement, whether in school, at work or anywhere. Individual achievement may well become punished, not rewarded. Close door government will become the norm. We who need to know, the least, will know the least.,The Unions and the Government will rule. Religions will play smaller part in our lives. We will be entertained, not educated.

    1. Tommy says:

      Under the ,so called, “New World Order” you are exactly right. I hope and pray that people would educate themselves on the Bilderburg Group and all the B.S that surrounds this and purpose of the New World Order.

  2. SG Harley says:

    so the niggers think they are being hunted ,eh?
    they are by all the other niggers.
    now if they keep killing each other faster then theyre breeding , everything will be ok.

    1. Tommy says:

      In order for the U.S to survive this Obama bullshit it will take the efforts of White,Black,Espanic, and everyother US patriot to fight against Obama and his horde of Islam slime.

  3. disqus_JvMCq5S8Ir says:

    Here in Commiefornia, in L.A. County, I noticed that there are more and more decent black people purchasing firearms and going to shooting ranges to practice. I often see black couples and even families! The narrative that the liberal media portrays about the type of people who own firearms is myth even in places like L.A. County. Not only have I seen black couples and black families, I’ve also frequently seen young Asian couples and many young female college student types at indoor gun ranges practicing with firearms. Many of the Asians I’ve seen at gun ranges and gun stores completely defy the stereotype of gun owners. They often look like the stereotypical book worms and nerds that most would never associate with gun enthusiasts and gun owners. Most are of Korean and Chinese ancestry.

  4. chas. whipp says:

    Both sides must improve their relationship with each other. More guns will worsen the condition for both and both must surely know it. Cops and black folks must learn to talk to one another in an informal manner, to acknowledge each other’s problems. The beat cop must somehow be returned. Films should champion the reasonable officer, suppress the dominating approach so popular on TV. Senior officers must be better educated in the social condition of the people they police; is there room for a kinesiologist in the average department?

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