After Repeated Attacks, Israelis Encouraged To Carry Guns

October 12, 2015 / Comments (4)


Perhaps we Americans can learn a lesson or two from our Israeli neighbors. In light of recent stabbing and shootings against Jews in Israel, Minister of Education Naftali Bennett has told civilians to pick up arms and be prepared to defend themselves:

Against the cowardly Arab terrorism, a wave of Jewish courage is rising to defeat it,” he said, visiting a protest tent in front of the Prime Minister’s Residence, in which demonstrators called for more action against terrorism. Bennett said that “wherever there is a terrorist, citizens rise to defend their brothers and eliminate the enemy. In the Kirya in Tel Aviv and Kiryat Arba, Petah Tikva and Kiryat Gat, we see great heroism and great friendship.

As the debate over gun violence and control continues to rage on in America, we should keep all of our options open. Maybe we DO need more good guys with guns.

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After Repeated Attacks, Israelis Encouraged To Carry Guns

  1. rev_dave says:

    Maybe? I think it’s a ‘definitely’ need more guns carried. We’re seeing increasing numbers of terror attacks in recent years.

  2. Michael says:

    We won’t ever be able to carry openly as long as we have liberal’s and democrat’s running things in our country, unless we have a “REVOLUTION OF EPIC PROPORTIONS” and remove them and all of the MUSLIM SCUM from our shore’s!!!
    We also need to put a “real” AMERICAN into the W/H this time around and not a “POSER” like OSLIMA and his cadre of MUSLIM POS’S!!
    I wonder if OSLIMA will go to Indonesia or Kenya to try for another leadership roll–LMAO–leadership, that is way funny and sad!! He couldn’t lead his way out of the out house if he had directions!!!
    If there is any justice in the this country OSLIMA will be the head honcho of his “CELL BLOCK” in LEAVENWORTH FEDERAL COUNTRY CLUB!!! He will need a constant supply of “KY” for sure, but he is use to that having been in the GAY life at college, according to his college classmate’s!!

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