WEIRD NEWS: Wedding Favors Cause Airport Evacuation

October 2, 2015 / Comments (5)


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A wedding gift was no joke to TSA agents checking bags in a screening room at Denver International Airport.

Weird News: Airport Evacuated Due to Party Favors

An agent watching an X-ray monitor spotted wax and fuses inside a checked bag at the airport.

TSA said the bride and groom's names both start with a “T,” so their wedding souvenirs were labeled TNT.

The incident happened Sept. 22.

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Wedding favors are among the important, little details to take care of on that big day. For most brides-to-be, choosing the best token can be quite confusing. Do you give the guests a showpiece crafted from crystal? A top quality liquor? A dark chocolate? A scented candle with a card? It is sea of ideas, which makes picking the best and most suitable all the more perplexing.

With everything that has to be covered in a wedding, keep in mind that the favors are an important aspect of the planning process. The wedding guests could be travelling from another state or country. The most you can do is show your appreciation by giving them a heartfelt token that they can look at fondly as a special remembrance from your wedding day. Your guests will know that they are well thought of upon receiving the tokens.

The wedding favors you choose should fall within your spending budget. If your wedding has a particular theme, let the packaging reflect your theme. You may also personalize them by using different kinds of sequins and adornments. If you are bold enough to try something wild and unique, you can try what the couple did in this weird news story.

Also, make sure that the presentation and packaging of the favors look beautiful.and elegant. Do not forget that the presentation of the favors is as important as the token that you decide to put inside your favor bags. This weird news item is a reminder to be extra careful of your choice of wedding favor.

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WEIRD NEWS: Wedding Favors Cause Airport Evacuation

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