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ak47-on-khaki-uniform-background AK Concepts to Reality Part ‪1‬ | Featured

We are back, fresh from our AK Koncepts rifle class at Royal Range USA in Nashville Tennessee!

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AK Concepts to Reality Part ‪1

In this episode, Lefty has the gang from 212° Training Group, Jared, Aaron & Kyle, to go over the 2-day training course outline and the ‘Whys” behind it. We invite a few of the students to get their perspectives on the class.

Next up is Brian Keeney with Occam Defense Solutions to talk about his Armorer's portion of the AK Koncepts 2 day curriculum. Joining Brian is our good friend and long-time Lead Head James Yeager with Tactical Response who shares some of his personal AK-47 stories with us and Jeff Carmichael, Royal Range's top armorer.

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