Alabama Hunting Laws and Regulations

Alabama Hunting Laws

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Open season is just a few weeks away for most of the United States. It's an exciting time of year for veteran hunters beginners alike. But before heading out on your first hunt, make sure you're familiar with Alabama hunting laws.

Alabama Hunting Laws and Regulations

Hunting laws evolve on an almost yearly basis, mainly to address public safety for the benefit of the hunter and the hunted.

It's a must to keep up to date on Alabama hunting laws before heading out on your first hunt. Studying your state's hunting laws might be a bit time consuming, and we know you're impatient to get out there and start shooting. But breaking the law and having to pay a fine can put a serious damper on hunting season.

Keep reading to learn about Alabama hunting laws including dates, which animals you're allowed to hunt, which weapons you're allowed to use, how to get a hunting license, and much more.

Deer Season in Alabama

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Deer hunting can either be for survival or for sport.

For details on which deer are legal to hunt in Alabama.

The 2016 – 2017 Hunting Season Map below is for hunting deer in the State of Alabama.

It is divided into 3 parts: Zone A, Zone B and Zone C. Each zone is having its respective color showing details such as open season dates, the types of deer that you can hunt and the types of hunting methods as well as the harvest number for each animal.

Hunting Weapons and Ammunition That are Legal in Alabama

  • Rifles using center fire, mushrooming ammunition.
  • Air powered guns, .30 caliber or larger.
  • Shotguns, 10 gauge or smaller using buckshot, slugs, or single round ball.
  • Muzzle loaders and Black Powder Handguns: .40 caliber or larger, during the special muzzle loader season.
  • Long bows, compound bows, or crossbows in conformance with regulation 220-2-.03.
  • Handguns or pistols using center fire, mushrooming ammunition.
  • Hunting with fully automatic firearms is prohibited.
  • Hand thrown spear in conformance with regulation 220-2-.03.

Note: Legal hunting hours for deer: 30 minutes before sunrise until 30 minutes after sunset.

For information about the season and bag limits for deer in Alabama, click here.

Duck Season in Alabama

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Duck, Coot, and Merganser Regular Waterfowl Seasons:

  • November 25 – November 26
  • December 3 – January 29

Special Teal Season:

  • September 10 – September 25

Special Youth Waterfowl Hunting Days:

  • November 19, 2016, and February 4, 2017

For bag limits, legal arms and same shooting hours please read Rule 220-2-.119.

Turkey Season in Alabama

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Fall Season (Decoys not permitted):

  • November 19 – November 30
  • December 17 – January 1

Spring Season (Decoys Permitted):

  • March 15 – April 30
  • April 1 – April 30
  • April 22 – April 26

Weapons Permitted When Hunting Turkey

10 gauge or smaller using standard No. 2 shot or smaller, and long bows or compound bows. Handguns or pistols using centerfire, mushrooming ammunition, open metallic sights only, no scopes. Use of decoys prohibited.

How to Get a License

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To qualify for a resident hunting or fishing license, a person must be a bona fide resident of Alabama for a minimum of 90 days continuously immediately prior to purchasing any such license or be a member of U.S. military stationed in Alabama.

To learn more on how to get a hunting license, please click here.

The final authorities on laws and regulations related are the Code of Alabama and the Wildlife & Freshwater Fisheries Regulation book. To know more about the details.

There is a lot more to learn when going hunting than how to aim and shoot. If you want to become a responsible citizen it will take a lot more time, resources and effort before you can go out and hunt. But when the time comes that you do get all the necessary requirements and proper training, you'll never regret taking the time to do so.

For more detailed information about Alabama hunting laws and regulations, check out the links below.


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