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cloak slide

Sometimes, carrying a concealed weapon on the outside of your pants just makes more sense than carrying one on the inside. Personally, my trousers seem to get smaller and smaller as the years go on. So depending upon the pants I'm wearing, it just makes more sense for me to carry on the outside of my waistband than the on the inside. I have quite a few holsters I could choose from, but on those days, I choose to carry with the highly optioned Alien Gear Cloak Slide outside the waistband holster.

Alien Gear Cloak OWB outside the waistband holster
Alien Gear's Cloak Slide

Like many concealed carriers these days, I own my fair share of holsters. Most of them collect dust as they sit in one of the many areas I keep them. And, if I were being totally honest with you, most of them suck.
One thing that many newer gun carriers fail to realize is that putting your gun back into your holster is almost as important as taking it out to begin with. When you utilize an OWB holster, it helps get your loaded gun back into its concealed position, while reducing the possibility of shooting yourself in the process.
Believe it or not, the very last thing you're going to want to do is accidentally shoot your self in the leg as you put your gun back into its resting spot.

Alien Gear Cloak Slide gun holster

When your adrenaline is rushing after the defensive use of a gun, or you just carelessly snag the trigger, mistakes can happen. Your best bet is to make sure that your gun slides back in as easily as possible and practice re-holstering it properly whenever you can to develop muscle memory. That is one of the reasons why this is the holster I recommend to new gun carriers (if their area allows).
The holster is simple in design, and makes a lot of sense. It has a leather backing with belt loops and a hard molded plastic shell that fits your firearm snugly. The shell is held down with screws instead of rivets, allowing you to change the gun you carry as often as you change your socks.
Of course, to make this holster even better, the Cloak Slide also comes with their comprehensive warranty. This warranty gives you 30 days to decide if this is the right holster for you, free shell swaps for life and the forever warranty on all of the hardware.

This means that if you ever buy a different carry gun or break any of their parts, you're covered.

The best part of this holster, in my humble opinion, is that I forget it is there, even while carrying my full sized Springfield XD. I've even laid down on my bed, rolled over onto my strong side, and was still comfortable. My best guess as to the reason why is because it has a lower profile than most of the other outside the waistband holsters out there on the market right now.

alien gear OWB
Photo Credit: Alien Gear

Carrying OWB is a viable option just as long as your region allows for such carrying. When your trousers begin to tighten around the waist like mine do, the Cloak Tuck could be your best bet. Sound Off Gun Carriers! Do you own one of these holsters? If so, tell us what you think in the comments below! Then, be sure to like the Gun Carrier Facebook Page!

18 Responses to :
Gear Review | Alien Gear's Cloak Slide OWB

  1. I would like to try one of these holsters with my Beretta

  2. Thats a Nice looking Holster,I wonder if it would work with My Bersa Thunder 9 Ultra Compact Pro 9mm .Would love to Find out .

  3. Looks like a Ruger LC9, would fit fine, but I wonder about my favorite carry, my Browning High Power 9mm Vigilante with thirteen round clip, but doubt with one of my 30+ round clips (I definitely know it wouldn’t work well with a revolver or especially Long Bareled revolver) or am I j ust assuming a flat, small to mid size frame is required. What would you suggest for multi carry as I often also caryy my Bond Arms Snake slayer mostly with ,410 3″ Magnum Personal Protective round and a .45 Long Colt Hollow Point, Personal Protective Roundraw as well; depending onthe situation to dictate which to draw first or as needed?

  4. Chris Church says:

    Alien Gear seems to make a moderately priced, tech-forward product. I like the Cloak 3.0 but as a new concealed carrier will take the article advice and start with an OWB Slide and an untucked fishing shirt. Thanks for the article, much appreciated.

  5. Like the idea..not sure how well it holds on the belt. That leather backing looks like it gives a stable is it?

  6. I use one with my sig p250c. Love it, super comfortable to wear all day. Also have the iwb cloak 3.0. But the slide is my favorite.

  7. Ron Odom says:

    OWB is the ONLY comfortable carry position for me. I carry it on my hip and reserve my back-side for sitting.
    This holster looks great, but then Paddle Holsters offer an additional convenience when relaxing at home.
    How does this holster accommodate variable Belt widths?

  8. Mac Mcintire says:

    Problem I have with this style is when your practicing and put the gun back in. If you don’t adjust it, it will move the slide, thus loading your gun me careful

  9. I have one of the IWB holsters and it is grate Ilove it I am going to order a set of IBW&OWB for my Gov.45 .They have along list of guns they make shells for,Just check them out,@Alien Gear .Com.

  10. Scot Rogers says:

    Looks like a nice holster. I’l lhave to check one out. That being said, if you are in an incident, the LAST thing you want to do is holster your weapon. A) Adrenaline, as mentioned, will make coordination iffy. B) Police will want to know where the weapons are, so when they show up, it goes on the ground. Looks good for practise if your range allows that.

  11. Raymond Kaul says:

    I own several Alien Gear holsters. They are high quality for the price and the material. I own this specific holster for use with my multiple 1911s in Commander size. It works very well. I will say it is a touch thick though.

  12. Mark Wilson says:

    This holster is the only one I use.It is ultra comfortable,sturdy,and they make one for just about any handgun on the market.

  13. Jim Caulk says:

    I have one of their IWB and love it. I plan to get an OWB from them, soon.

  14. Tom Marr says:

    Love this owb for my glock19. Purchased the iwb and owb at the time as a package deal. Feel very more comfortable with the owb. Love it.

  15. Rick says:

    How well does it work for a Baretta 95fs ?

  16. Robert Grimaldi says:

    These holsters look nice! I may actually buy myself a second holster. I carry IWB and use the ONLY holster I have ever purchased. Use a Galco all leather for my Glock 32. I forget it is there at times. I ride a Harley and never worry about it coming loose. So I never considered another holster until now. Will definitely check it out.

  17. Garry Chaney says:

    I have the IWB 3.0 and love it. Taurus 709 Slim.

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