ALONE Season 2 Recap: The Finale

ALONE Season 2 Recap: The Finale -alone season 2 finale

June 16, 2023 / Comments (7)

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ALONE Season 2 Finale Recap

In the ALONE Season 2 finale, Dave, Larry, and Sam battled extreme conditions and loneliness in the wilderness. After enduring 66 days, Dave emerged as the winner, showcasing his hunting skills and adaptability. The finale concluded with emotional reunions and celebrated the contestants' courage and resilience

Episode 12: Into The Abyss

It's here… the ALONE Season 2 finale! If you missed it, Episode 11 ended with Nicole parting ways with Vancouver Island. It was an emotional scene as she experienced mixed feelings about leaving, but Nicole knew she had to get home to her children. She knew in her heart that they needed her. 

Who will be the next participant to part ways with Vancouver Island?


You’re never more alive than when you’re almost dead. -Tim O’Brien

3 People Remain

  • Jose Martinez Amoedo
  • David McIntyre
  • Larry Roberts

As Episode 12 Begins:

David continues to have luck fishing with his handcrafted fishing pole. Not long after the episode starts, David catches the biggest fish yet, a kelp greenling.

His next meal had more meat than any other meal since his arrival at Vancouver Island. David then shares with the viewers how much better the meal would be if he had someone to share it with. Later, as he continues to fish, he talks about the emotional aspect of survival, being alone, and missing his family.

Larry talks about the comforting sound of the rain versus the pounding sound of the ocean waves. The viewers at home get a glimpse of just how seemingly small things can get to a person who has been alone in the wilderness for two months. Larry’s resources at Vancouver Island are running dry and he is dealing with hunger on a whole different level than the previous episodes.

His diet now consists of periwinkles and Larry consumes just 300 calories a day. Later that night, as he rests in his shelter, he talks about the nightly dreams he has about food. The next morning, Larry talks about how hunger is completely taking over and the physical pains he now endures.

Jose checks his gill net and discovers a fish, a much needed meal for him. As he cooks his meal, Jose says he is in the worst shape of his life. He refers to himself as ‘a walking bone rack’. He continues to hang on to his wife – the reason he decided to take this journey on Vancouver Island.

As Episode 12 Continues…

Larry discusses once more the effects that hunger has on him. He calls it disheartening. He then discusses the reasons he began this journey. Larry turns emotional thinking of the possible disappointment from his wife if he were to tap out. In the next scene as he is gathering firewood, Larry drops to his knees in tears and asks God for help. The following day he recognizes the beauty of the day and seems refreshed in a sense – ready to take the steps necessary to win.

David continues to feel the loneliness of this journey. “How long is long enough?”

Jose checks his gill net and the entire net comes loose. He then waits for the tide to recede so he can reset the net. Later, due to the tide not cooperating, he decides to reset the gill net by way of the kayak. Out on the water, the kayak becomes unbalanced and tips over submerging Jose completely under water.

👉 Watch the full episode here.

Episode 13: The End Game  – The Finale

Endurance is not just the ability to bear a hard thing, but to turn it into glory. -William Barclay

3 People Remain

  • Jose Martinez Amoedo
  • David McIntyre
  • Larry Roberts

As Episode 13 Begins…

Jose safely re-emerges from the frigid water. He quickly realizes that this is the end of his journey on Vancouver Island as all of his gear and clothes are drenched. For the sake of his health, Jose is forced to tap out. In the next scene, the boat has arrived and you witness an emotional Jose apologizing to his loved ones at home. He says he feels like he let everyone down. A frail Jose, as he puts on dry clothes, realizes that no matter how hard you try, nature rules in the end and we are all just part of it.

From all of us here at Survival Life, we congratulate Jose for last 59 days! A job well done!

Larry says he wants to continue and give it 110%. He decides to try a new method of fishing. He then uses a portion of his gill net, set with bait, in hopes of possibly catching a bird. At this point, Larry has lost 32 pounds, which is almost ⅕  of his original body weight. It is crucial that Larry has a solid meal.

David talks about the physical aspect of surviving on Vancouver Island and how it is starting to catch up with him. He says his body aches all the time and wonders how much longer he can survive on the island. Later, as he is fishing, he falls on the rocks and suffers a knee injury trying to save his catch as it came off the hook. He then wonders how his knee injury will affect the rest of his journey on the island. Will he make it?

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As Episode 13 Continues…

Larry talks of his journey that has lasted for over 60 days. The show then takes a look at Larry’s journey thus far for the viewers at home – the progress he has made and the hardships that he has had to push through to get to this point. Larry says that this journey has opened his eyes to how fortunate he really is.

David rests his body inside his shelter due to his knee injury. The show then takes a look at David’s journey thus far for the viewers at home. As we saw with Larry, we also witnessed the progress and hardships of David’s journey. Towards the end, David has discovered his absolute need for human contact (especially with his children). Even though this journey has been life-changing, David looks forward to the day that this journey is complete.

The Final Tapout

Larry and David both discuss their final days and the emotional battle they both endure daily to tap out or to continue…

The next scene is the boat arriving and it is Larry who has decided to tap out. It is a very emotional scene that makes the viewers at home feel the emotions that Larry was expressing to the rescue team. He says that it was hunger and the fear for his health were the only deciding factor.

This experience has humbled him completely, Larry said. He has discovered that the little things in life are the most important and Larry says he has decided to show more appreciation for his family in the future. He realizes that all one can do is give everything in life their absolute best. Larry Roberts most definitely gave it his all.

the winnerDavid thinks the medical team is arriving to give him a routine checkup. As he waits for the boat’s arrival, he talks about missing his children – the only reason why he continues.

Day 66 – The boat arrives at the island and the medic begins to check his vitals. David is still under the impression that life on Vancouver Island isn’t over quite yet. He talks to the medic saying with a smile that “he isn’t done yet”. Then he continues talking to the medic team and to the viewers at home. His positive attitude at this point is admirable, to say the least.

David hears a noise coming from his right and as he turns his head in response to the noise, he sees his daughter walking towards him. The viewers at home are quickly drawn into the emotional scene that followed. It was an unforgettable reunion between a father and his child.

David is the winner of ALONE Season 2, lasting 66 days! From all of us here at Survival Life, we congratulate you on an awesome journey and a job well done!

In the final scene, David arrives home to his 3 children to announce that he has won. He tells his children that “he now is a Dad that says yes”. One of the last things David says is that he is at total peace with his world. This experience is something that he will never forget!

ALONE Season 2 Recap_ The Finale

Watch the full episode here.

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ALONE Season 2 Recap: The Finale

  1. balisong says:

    there’s now been 7 seasons and only 2 have not starved. Those two got LUCKY and arrowed a big animal. David M didnt even know to make a pontoon outrigger raft in a day, so he could move his camp to the next cove, which was so much more productive. You are nuts to count upon finding cordage out of which to make your netting. You dont need the axe, saw, or belt knife, if you know to take the superior saw edged Cold Steel shovel and the modified Crunch multitool. this saves one pick. So does taking the 2 person rope hammock instead of the gillnet and the paracord. This saves another pick. A slingbow and take down arrows, with baked clay balls for small game, is much superior to a regular bow. You dont need the ferrorod, since there’s 5 quite easy ways to make fire and then you can just keep your fire alive by burying the coals in your ashes. So you can take the big roll of duct tape and the 3 lb block of salt, you see. The other items should be the cookpot, the fishing kit, the sleeping bag, the snarewire.

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