ALONE Season 2 Recap: Episode 7

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June 13, 2023 / Comments (4)

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Episode 7: “Adrift”

Episode 6 of alone season ended with Randy discussing how he truly misses human companionship and the possibility of going home…but, will he decide to tap out in episode 7?


In nature there are neither rewards nor punishments; there are consequences. – R.G. Ingersoll

7 People Remain

  1. Jose Martinez Amoedo
  2. Nicole Apelian
  3. Randy Champagne
  4. Mike Lowe
  5. David McIntyre
  6. Justin Vititoe
  7. Larry Roberts

As Episode 7 Begins…

Justin wakes in the middle of the night to a soaked sleeping bag and quickly realizes that the entire ground area of his shelter is soaked. His fire pit is completely filled to the brim with water. He then decides to move his sleeping bag over to his cooking camp and tries, with a fire and his own body heat, to dry it out. He says if there were a time thus far to call it quits, it would be at this particular time. Later, he removes his gill net from the water and turns it back into a hammock, due to the ground inside his shelter being continually soaked.

David struggles to wake up and get his day started. He is low on energy due to not having a meal in 4 days. He discusses the effects of hunger on his emotional state. He further discusses that fishing has become extremely difficult due to rough waters. Later, he enjoys a breakfast of limpets. After breakfast, he continues to discuss the effects of starvation as he puts the finishing touches on his hand-made gill net, which he hopes to have better luck with as his other gill net has not caught anything so far.

Larry wakes up in a great mood at his new camp and discusses the better luck he is having in his new area on Vancouver Island. Better resources such as edible wild mushrooms are a plus. He then checks his fishing sets, but no luck so far in his new camp area. He heads back to camp to enjoy a dinner of limpets and mushrooms. As his dinner is cooking, Larry shows off his new fireplace — a tree stump with an open area at the base with a hole he had drilled at the top to allow smoke to escape. Unfortunately, he awakes the next morning to a burning tree stump but is able to put out the fire.

Jose takes another shot at building a boat and puts the finishing touches on the boat frame and is successful. His goal is to have the boat completed in time for the final salmon run upstream.

As Episode 7  of Alone Season Continues…

Mike sits down in front of the camera and talks about the wonderful experience he has had so far on Vancouver Island. He has built a very impressive camp for himself and has had great success. Mike further discusses that he feels that his continued stay on the island has become selfish and self-serving due to feeling as if there’s not much more he can accomplish.

Randy continues to struggle with craving human companionship and missing home. Before he makes a decision to either stay or to tap out, he builds a sweat lodge (sauna.) His hope is to clear his mind, body, and soul which will allow him to make the right choice for himself.

The boat is approaching the island. As you watch the boat getting closer to the nearest shore, you only ‘hear’ the participants one by one stating their most recent feelings regarding their stay thus far on Vancouver Island. The boat finally approaches the shore and it is Mike packing up and tapping out. Mike talks about how difficult it truly is to say goodbye – that it feels like abandonment. His camp had become like an old friend. He further talks about how much he misses his wife and how he did not foresee how difficult being away from home would be.

Justin talks about his goal for the next day — day 22. In remembrance of the 22 veterans a day that commit suicide in this country, his goal is to climb to the top of a nearby mountain. He wants to reach out to the veterans who may be watching, who may be struggling. Justin’s hope is to give each of the veterans their own hope and drive to never give up and to always keep fighting. He then begins all the prep work needed to make the climb for the following day.

Randy has finally made peace with his decision to tap out. He talks about his renewed appreciation for so many things in life from being on the island. He overcame many obstacles, including losing his ferro rod early on in the season to finally being able to catch fish — all the while, always craving human companionship and how it really feels to go through this experience ALONE.  

Watch the full episode here.

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