ALONE Season 2 Recap: Episode 9

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June 20, 2023 / Comments (1)

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Episode 9: “The Madness”

alone season 2 recap Episode 8 ended with David dealing with continued problems with his gill net — just one issue after another. Will David have better luck in Episode 9?

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Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” – Albert Einstein

5 People Remain

  1. Jose Martinez Amoedo
  2. Nicole Apelian
  3. David McIntyre
  4. Justin Vititoe
  5. Larry Roberts

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As Episode 9 Begins…

David spots a mink that is carrying an eel in its mouth, and tries to scare the mink thinking the little creature would drop the eel — but, no such luck. The lack of food has David worried so he decides to eat kelp to have ‘bulk’ in his diet. Later on, David notices yet another gigantic cedar log on the shore.

He then realizes that taking another approach to fishing with a line and a hook will be his best option. Using a limpet as bait, he catches a Dungeness crab. He continues and catches 5 more. What a victory for David!

Larry talks about how the lack of calories is starting to scare him. He hasn’t had any recent luck catching fish so he assembles a trap for mice using periwinkles as bait. As he’s setting up the trap, he talks about determination versus skill and how determination can sometimes drive you further than skill.

He doesn’t have much initial luck with the trap, but with determination, he keeps reassembling the trap. Later that evening as he says good night, he hears a thud — a mouse was under the rock! As Larry lifts the rock the mouse takes off, but, the mouse’s fate is already decided. Larry cornered the little creature with his spear.

Jose has completed his kayak and has decided to call her Delicada, which means “delicate one.” He decided on the name due to the skin (a tarp that can easily be torn) covering the kayak.

He carries Delicada 300 yards to the water for her maiden voyage. In the water, the kayak is unstable, and he has difficult time keeping the Delicada balanced.

Justin talks about the importance of obtaining a sustainable food source and is fortunate to have a small bucket full of periwinkles for his dinner that evening

As Episode 9 Continues…

Larry waits on shore for the tide to go down so he can check on his lines, and he has caught a fish in one of his surf lines. While out there, he notices something attached to the bulb kelp — a crab! He then resets his trap as it has fallen down. Larry lifts up the rock and finds his second mouse. He resets the trap and goes off to skin and cleans the mouse. He comes back because the trap has fallen again, lifts the rock and finds a third mouse. Fish, crab, and mouse for his dinner — a huge score for Larry!

Jose speaks of his worries regarding the instability of the kayak. He decides to use his fresh water container to help stabilize the Delicada, but for his plan to work he needs another device for the other side of the kayak. He turns to prayer. After praying, he goes exploring on the beach area and is beyond grateful as he finds a buoy with a decent amount of rope attached to it. He later attaches the handmade stabilizing device to his kayak and it is a success in the water.

Justin sits in front of the camera at 11 a.m., as he is done for the day, and says “Now what?” He talks about the difference between going out to the wilderness “to live” versus the survival training he is used to, which is a military mindset — a 72-hour type of survival situation where your goal is to “get the heck outta dodge.” He says, at this point, it’s a game of “just waiting” for him. He asks the ever-popular question, “Why am I here?”

Later inside his shelter, as he sings the Star Spangled Banner, we hear Justin's voice-over discussing the possibility of tapping out. He explains that the “adventure” aspect of this journey on Vancouver Island is now gone, but he talks about his future and says he’s ready for his next adventure.
The next scene shows the boat approaching the shore of Justin’s camp. He has decided his journey on Alone is now complete. Justin has decided to tap out. On the boat ride back to civilization he says “he is ready to travel to his next adventure.” Justin will be living life to the fullest!

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4 People Now Remain…

Justin’s Bear Encounter

Justin is walking along the shore looking for food when he hears a loud noise behind him. He turns around and sees a black bear running towards him. He grabs his bow and arrow and shoots at the bear, but misses. He runs towards his shelter, hoping to reach it before the bear catches him. He makes it inside and barricades the door with some logs. He hears the bear scratching and growling outside, but it eventually leaves. Justin says he was scared for his life and that he needs to be more careful.

Watch the full episode here.

ALONE Season 2 Recap_ The Finale

At the end of the episode, all four contestants are still in the game, but each of them faces different challenges and dangers. Who will be the next to tap out? Who will be the last one standing? Tune in next week for another episode of ALONE!

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