A New Take On Alternative Energy: The Tesla Powerwall

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Alternative energy is the solution for preppers who want to be self-sufficient.

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Alternative Energy Option: The Tesla Powerwall

Alternative Energy for Preppers

Some preppers are thoroughly committed to the self-sufficient lifestyle and build their own self-sustaining homesteads. Others just want to decrease their dependence on the power grid.

These days it is not uncommon to see solar panels or miniature wind turbines on the roof of some homes.

The Tesla Powerwall

We have talked about solar panels for homes and building your own system. If you have been using a solar panel for some time, then there is no need to mention the importance of battery banks to your system.

These rows of batteries are charged by the panels and the solar energy is converted into chemical energy for storage.

Tesla Powerwall: What You Need to Know

As usual, Elon Musk was extremely convincing in his most recent announcement about Tesla's new Powerwall battery. Imagine: in a matter of months, you could be weaned off fossil fuels and start participating in the clean energy ecosystem of the future. Your home or business could be off the grid completely.

As solar energy is more widely adopted, a dedicated battery to store the energy makes a lot of sense. Without one, that excess power generated during peak sun hours is often sold back to utility companies, and then purchased back when customers need it.

That actually adds demand on power plants, increases carbon emissions, and overall, it's not sensible or efficient. The utility providers can end up making money off of the power you generate.

So Tesla made the Powerwall, which works like most other renewable energy storage systems. You may recognize names like Alevo or Enphase Energy if you're familiar with the clean energy industry.

This battery stores electricity from solar panels and helps balance loads from the grid. It charges during non-peak energy usage hours when the rates are lower — like the middle of the day or middle of the night — and then provides you energy during morning and evening demand when rates are higher.

However, there is still no great economic return because the market hasn't matured enough, and installing a whole system of solar panels and massive batteries remains incredibly expensive, even though the Powerwall was announced at a much lower price point than the industry expected.

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Beneficial as solar panels may be as an alternative energy source, storing all that power when it's not being utilized can be a challenge. What's more, sometimes those batteries do not last as long as we expect them to, even if they may be of the deep cycle variety.


Alternative Energy Innovation by Tesla

Enter the Powerwall from Tesla Energy.

Elon Musk has done it again; the CEO of the popular electric car brand Tesla has added another feather to his already well-decorated cap.

His new product was just launched recently, a home battery for your solar panels he claims will free consumers (that would be you and me) from the utility grid and at the same time provide backup power in emergencies or power failures.

Prepping for Natural Disasters

Being ready for natural disasters or the end of the world means being able to survive without depending on others for your basic needs including electricity. We all know power is the first one to go when things go wrong, thus it is imperative that we have some form of alternative energy.

Learn more about Tesla Powerwall in this video courtesy of ColdFusion:

After all, self-reliance or self-sufficiency is not all about survival; it’s also about saving our planet. In doing so, we may save it from self-destruction and we know what that would lead to.

Do you think this new alternative energy option by Tesla will be useful for emergency situations? Sound off in the comments section below!


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A New Take On Alternative Energy: The Tesla Powerwall

  1. James Honec says:

    I bought a few Tesla powerwalls and that company is a good one and it seems that that powerwall product has stabilized in reliability.

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