5 Best Ammo Belts You Can Choose From

Best Ammo Belts You Can Choose From

Having the right ammo belt with you during your hunting spree can spell the difference between bringing game home or wasting your day. Check out the best ammo belts to choose from below.

Best Ammo Belts in the Market Today

Have you ever been out hunting and found yourself scrambling to get your ammo out to reload and finish a kill before the target disappears?

Well, that’s what ammo belts are there for!

With the right ammo belt, you can easily carry and access enough cartridges to get the job done when the perfect shot presents itself.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best ammo belts you can choose from!

1. Bagmaster Web Cartridge Belt

Bagmaster’s Web Cartridge Belt is as straightforward as it can get.

Made from tight-knit, heavy-duty nylon material, the 2-inch wide belt also features a quick-release buckle and can be adjusted for a 30- to 54-inch waist.

The Web Cartridge Belt is also fairly flexible in terms of the ammo the loops can hold.

According to Bagmaster’s Amazon listing, the belt holds up to 50 .223 to .44 Magnum rifle and pistol cartridges.

Alternatively, you can also use it to carry the same number of 410 shotgun shells.

However, the loops can be a little close and tight, so you may find yourself carrying less for ease of access.

2. Country Western USA Brown Genuine Leather Cartridge Gun Belt

Country Western USA Brown Genuine Leather .45 Caliber Cartridge...
  • NOTE: These belts are a natural product and may seem to contain imperfections. Item is polybagged.
  • READ THIS!! When sizing for the belt, you should choose one that is 6-8+ inches larger than your pants size depending on how tight or loose you would...
  • Belts are 2 1/2" wide

This Brown Genuine Leather .45 Caliber Cartridge Gun Belt by Country Western USA is a thing of beauty and practically all at once.

Leather is considered the most durable, easy to care for material when choosing an ammo belt. And of course, it’s easily the best looking too!

Country Western USA only uses genuine natural leather, so they do warn that their belts may seem to contain imperfections as a result.

The belts are 2.5-inch wide and can carry up to 18 cartridges at a time, ranging up to a .45 caliber.

Country Western USA advises choosing a belt size that’s 6 to 8 inches larger than your pants size to ensure it fits properly.

And if you prefer wearing your belt at a slant, they advise erring toward 8 inches larger. The belt is sold in sizes ranging from 36- to 52-inches.

However, a few customers have mentioned that even doing so isn’t always guaranteed to result in a belt that fits properly.

3. Ultimate Arms Gear Tactical Stealth Heavy Duty Cotton Canvas Belt

Ultimate Arms Gear Tactical Stealth Black 10 Pocket Utility Pouch...
  • Adjustable to comfortably fit from size 28 up to size 58 waist
  • Equipped with ten 4.0 "(tall)x 2.7" (wide)pockets, each with double snap secure closure
  • Constructed of 100% combat spec built to last cotton canvas with a heavy duty "QD" quick release buckle

While not the most durable of materials, cotton canvas is certainly the easiest to clean.

It’s also what Ultimate Arms Gear decided to use for their Tactical Stealth Heavy Duty Belt.

Unlike the previous two entries, this ammo belt is equipped with 10 pouches instead of cartridge loops.

This can be a pro for some, especially if you need to carry clips instead of (or in addition to) loose cartridges.

Each pouch is 4 inches tall by 2.7 inches wide, with double-snap secure closure.

We like that the Tactical Stealth Heavy Duty Cotton Canvas Belt can be adjusted to fit waist sizes from 28-inch to 58-inch and that the quick-release buckle is just as heavy-duty as the rest of the belt.

Some users have reported being able to fit a 7.62x54r stripper clip (with 5 rounds) in each pouch, provided you insert the tip first.

However, others have complained that the pockets are too small for carrying .22 mags.

4. Allen Rifle Cartridge Ammo Belt

Allen Company Rifle Cartridge Belt Holder, Holds 20-Cartridges,...
  • Holds 20 rifle cartridges in elastic loops
  • Adjustable black web belt fits waists up to 52"
  • Heavy-duty 2" black web material with sturdy quick release clasp

The Allen Rifle Cartridge Ammo Belt may not be the prettiest option on the list, but it is one of the more versatile ones.

For starters, the tight-knit, heavy-duty nylon material comes in a standard 56-inch length so that users can adjust to fit.

There’s enough free length available for you to attach at least one extra ammo pouch. too.

The actual belt is just shy of 2 inches wide and has 20 elastic loops that can fit a fairly wide range of cartridges, from 410 shotgun shells and .45 ACP to S&W 500.

And while you might not be able to fill all 20 loops, they are elastic enough to hold 6.5 Creedmoor ammo, too!

The only potential downside to this belt is its length. Although it allows for a lot of versatility, you’ll end up wanting to trim some of it so you don’t have a long strip flapping at your side.

5. Tourbon Shotgun Hunting Bandolier

TOURBON Shotgun Hunting 12 Gauge Shot gun Shell Cartridge Ammo...
  • Tourbon shotgun bandolier made from top quality 600D Polyester
  • Quick release buckle
  • Fit in waist vary from 89cm(35 inch) to 110cm(43 inch)

Admittedly not anywhere near as versatile as the other ammo belts we’ve featured, the Tourbon Shotgun Hunting 12 Gauge Cartridge Ammo Bandolier Belt is perhaps the best option for its target market.

The 24 “loops” are more accurately described as individual pockets, as they are closed at the bottom.

They’re also fitted to size for 12 gauge shotgun shells, rather than elastic.

However, you also get 2x side pouches, which can hold up to 8 shells each for a total carrying capacity of 40 shells.

There’s also a zippered compartment that spans 30 inches by 3 inches, which is designed for carrying your hunting license, cash, cleaning supplies, etc.

The whole belt is made of 600D polyester, which is quite durable and easy to wash. It fits waist sizes ranging from 35.5-inch to 43-inch.

A fair complaint is the fact that there are only 24 loops, whereas a box of shells typically contains 25 shells.

Pick One That Works for You

As a general rule, when you’re on the market for an ammo belt, be prepared to end up shopping around until you find one that works for you.

Also, remember that the type of material can be the difference between a good belt and a great one.

Having something that’s durable and easy to clean is an absolute must, especially if you’re going to be wearing your ammo belt often!

Remember, your ammo belt will make your life easier, not add an extra worry!

Do you already have ammo belts from this list you like to buy? Which is it and why? We'd love to hear from you in the comments section!

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5 Best Ammo Belts You Can Choose From

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    Only an idiot carries wears these cowboy type wannabe belts and not one that can carry vital items like your GUN and associated MAGAZINES (“clips” in thug parlance). In the REAL world, no one would ever have time to load INDIVIDIAL bullets into a gun as a threat is CHARGING you! And one would never shoot anyone again after the threat is stopped! A VERY poorly written, non real life bit of journalism. Are you going to ask the thug to WAIT on you while you load your individual bullets??? Hell no, you DROP.a magazine, slam in another, and keep firing until the threat is stopped! If you have the right gun, right bullets (#hornadycriticaldefense hollow points or similar), and you know how to (and have seconds to) shoot, then protecting LIFE should not be an issue! Wow, this blog severely needs NEW, informed writers!!!

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