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For this episode is Patrick Collins, the CEO of TheGunFood.com, an economic, quick process, ammo supply company and a contributing Owner of Georgia Firearms and Security Training Academy.

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Ammo Supply in the US: What Is Happening?

Patrick is also very active in supporting gun rights on the Local, State, and National levels.

He discussed the following topics in this episode:

  1. What is happening with the ammo supply in the US? And how can people train effectively when ammo is so scarce and expensive?
  2. Finding the right Instructor / Trainer can be a process of determining not only your skill level but also your own “fit” based on personality. Do you have any thoughts on that?

  3. Gun counter tales and myths can be legendary, and this is an area you specifically wanted to bring to our audience. Why is that?

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  1. Trying to determine which tool is best for the intended use is sometimes difficult, and that also includes the type of ammo. (Aluminum vs Steel vs Brass / Reman vs factory).
  2. How bad is it when well-meaning people begin a sentence with: “What you need to buy is…”?

  3. You are going to be speaking at a big event in FL on Saturday, March 20th. Tell us about this event?

What are your thoughts about the ammo supply in the US? Tell us in the comment section provided below.

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