Another Day, Another Gun Buyback, In Another City

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Seems like every other day, as of late, there is more gun-related stuff making the news. Sometimes, the news is great, like when someone makes use of their gun in defense of themselves or others. Other times, the news isn't so great. And then, there are times when the news is just plain old stupid. I mean seriously, why does the liberal media report on things such as gun buybacks?
Oh right, it's because someone needs to push an agenda. Anyway…
I used to hold the stance that I'd never participate in such a program, but as most people do over time, I changed my mind. There is a buyback taking place in Über Liberal NYC, offering up to $200 per handgun and “assault rifle.”

Other guns, like shotguns, “other rifles,” and air guns will offer up a measly $25 per gun. I'm not sure why they're racist against these other guns, but they are. Perhaps they are unaware of just how devastating a shotgun is…
…Either way, here's my take on it:
You guys have changed my mind. I once said that I'd never participate in such a program. But, I can head over to my local gun shop and buy a used and badly beat up .22 handgun for really cheap and bring it down to my local buyback. The only stipulation is that the handgun would have to work. Or, what would stop me from buying a used Hi Point handgun for $100 and bring it in to get $200 for it?
Nothing. Well, except the fact that I'd never step foot in that city, again.

If I did, however, or went to one in my own state, that would be instant profit. They wouldn't know the difference. I could then turn around and change that into some much needed ammo, or, better yet, put it towards another gun. Of course, I still can't shake the feeling that I'm helping them accomplish something.
After all, the liberal media would publish how many of these killing machines were taken off the street, stating that the buyback was a success because so many handguns and “assault rifles” were turned in. But, I gotta do what I gotta do.
These events are happening more and more across the country. Though, admittedly, the organizers in some areas are waking up to what's happening, and will only offer gift cards for grocery stores. I'd pass on that one.

I'd also pass on the opportunity to participate in a mandatory buyback. In my eyes, the Second Amendment is the law of the land. That's all I have to say about that.
Sound Off Gun Carriers! What's your take on the whole gun buyback thing? Would you go to one to make a profit? If they made them mandatory, would you participate then? Let us know in the comments below, then sign up for Gun Carrier's FREE Newsletter!

6 Responses to :
Another Day, Another Gun Buyback, In Another City

  1. RJ says:

    First of all the “buyback” term is a lie since I never bought the firearm from the city. Secondly, yes I would participate. I would be the guy offering $50 for select shotguns and $225 for handguns. All that these buybacks do is take firearms away from the uninformed widows who sell their husbands hunting guns for a pittance. How many of these guns are kept by the police officers who work these sales and know their true value?

  2. Robert says:

    Actually going to a local gun shop or pawn shop, and buying a cheap beat up .22 pistol for 50 or 100 bucks, to turn it in for 200 bucks would not make you a profit. First off, if you did p urchase it at a store, instead of from a private transaction, you would have to do a background check or have it go through a FFL, which would cost at least 50 bucks. Even a “beat up .22” is worth more than 50 bucks if it would save your life.
    Secondly, purchasing it for “someone else” ( for the police ) is that not a “straw purchase”?

    1. Your imagination is profound and dumbfounding. I’m patiently waiting for a cross bow buy back.

  3. Maurice Guertin says:

    I don’t see a problem selling the $100 gun for $200, unless it is somehow funded by taxpayers.

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