The Answer is Resilience, Not Cowardice

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The Answer is Resilience, Not Cowardice

As you've likely heard by now, some stores are pulling semi-automatic rifles, and anything even remotely close to resembling the iconic AR-15 or the AK47 from the shelves. The reason, they say, is because of Orlando. In a time when our freedoms are coming under attack, the last thing any of us need is for people and stores who're supposedly on our side to take the route of cowardice.
I understand where they're coming from—it is a sensitive time, being that the attack in Orlando was not even a week ago, as of this writing. Can you imagine, though, if they put a ban on jet planes after the 9/11 attacks? Or, if Boeing stopped selling the 757 which was the plane used in that horrid attack?
However, while the left-sided media and politicians blame the gun used in this latest terror attack, it was NOT the gun's fault. Nor was it Sig Sauer's fault for manufacturing the gun used in this horrendous tragedy.

Who's fault was it? It was the coward behind the gun with an agenda to kill innocent people. The blame lies with him and his Islamic State friends, and nothing else.
Never has there been a more important time for us to all stand together. If you love the way of the gun and aren't afraid to admit it, say so. Don't cower in fear because you are scared of what someone may think of you. Grow a set, say something, and load up your mags because you may need them in the very near future.
If you own a gun shop, don't you even consider for a second pulling certain guns from the shelves because they are offensive. You're better off just shutting your doors because you're going to lose so much business that it'll be an easier route for you to just shut down, avoiding the slow agonizing death you're about to experience.
In all seriousness, if the guns bother you so much that you need to pull them from the shelves, box them up and put locks on them, maybe you need to just close down your doors because you are obviously not a freedom-loving company willing to further our industry with the ability to stare your enemy in the face.

Personally, I've never bought from “Academy” but I know people who have—good friends of mine, actually. I'll instruct them to spend their hard earned cash elsewhere—for the sake of our industry and freedom.
But, the point isn't that you shouldn't pull certain guns off of your shelves out of fear for your business. You shouldn't pull them because it's cowardly. It's the wrong thing to do, and you're obviously standing against the gun industry as a whole, and the entire Second Amendment. The 2A isn't prejudice against black guns, why would a gun-store owner be?
Oh, I know why:
It seems as if the radical left has succeeded, at least to some degree, at indoctrinating people into the politically correct subculture. It's wrong, and idiots like those in charge of “Academy” send a clear message to those who wish to restrict our right to bear arms. They may say something like: “If the people who sell them think they're bad enough to take them off the shelf, they probably are.”

You know what I say? Screw them and the guns they're hiding in the back of the store. Buy from someone else based on principal and a solid, unwavering love for freedom, alone.
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The Answer is Resilience, Not Cowardice

  1. Chiefatk says:

    I haven’t heard about Academy pulling the black guns off of their shelves. I have bought guns from them in the past and if that is the cowardly way they choose to present themselves then I will shop elsewhere. Academy is not the only store that sells guns or ammunition. Bass Pro Shop has a new store close to where I live and my future purchases will be with them. The BPS has plenty of gun choices, including the “black guns” and I don’t see them worrying about being politically correct!

  2. Jerry says:

    Walmart did it after the Sandy Hook shooting, and I won’t even step into their sporting goods section since then.
    I’ve only been inside an Academy store once, and their prices were too high for me to even consider buying anything, so I have no problem avoiding their store’s.
    I buy my firearms, ammo, and other essentials from “real” sporting goods stores, who actually BELIEVE in the 2nd Amendment, and don’t have to weave my way past all of the Subaru and Hondas in the parking lot!
    Thank God I still live in a state that is free!

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