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July 15, 2019 / Comments (5)

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Find the coolest apps for gun owners and shooters in this review by Amy Jane and download the best one for you.

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Episode 8: Best Apps for Gun Owners

Gun Owners and the Information Age

There's no escaping the future, apparently, and that includes the world of guns. The information age got hold of guns and gun owners too, in the form of smartphone applications.

Shooters and gun owners can now enjoy a whole range of mobile application which is helpful for different gun owner's needs. There's an amazing app for game hunters, for organized gun owners, and shooters who love to share the improvement of their skills.

With dozens of mobile apps for gun owners, with some of the best ones quite pricey, you want to get your money's worth. So what are the best phone apps for gun owners to use with your handgun, rifle, or automatics?

In this episode of Everything Guns, Amy Jane reviews a few of the best smartphone apps for use with guns. From free phone apps to some of the more expensive ones, Amy Jane is laying it all down for you.

We are sure you will find the perfect application for your kind of a gun carrier and shooter.

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Mobile Apps for Gun Owners Review

If you own a gun, then you probably use gun apps on your smartphone. But, have you gotten around some of the really useful ones for your gun-owning lifestyle, or you've only entertained yourself with some shooting game apps?

Make your smartphone truly a marksman's own with these best phone apps for gun owners of all sizes and shapes. Which ones are the best? Most expensive? Free? Amy Jane will fill you in.

Watch the video from Gun Carrier below:

Now, you can use your phone to help improve your marksmanship, get updated on the ever-changing gun laws, and make purchases online. Choose any of the apps for shooters and gun owners from our top picks suited to your gun lifestyle.

While these phone apps for gun owners make your life easier as a gun carrier, don't be too dependent on these phone apps though. Your own knowledge and best judgment are still preferable over artificial intelligence. Right, prepping gun owners?

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Would you pay for the more expensive gun apps? Which one do you think is worth your while and cash? Let us know your thoughts about it in the comments section below!

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 Best Apps For Gun Owners | Everything Guns Episode 8 |

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Best Apps For Gun Owners | Everything Guns Episode 8

  1. dodger4754 says:

    For those with Concealed Carry permits or in Open Carry states, there’s a GREAT, free app called, “GunFreeZone” that shows you the status of businesses & government offices in your vicinity, such as, “Guns OK”, “Guns Prohibited”, or “Unknown”.

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