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From the traditional longbow of the medieval times to today’s compound bow, archery evolved from being a weapon of war to becoming a noble sport enjoyed by people of all ages.  Bows that are widely used today have the most technological gadgetry that utilizes a pulley system to store energy as well as a variety of useful archery accessories.  These accessories are all made for a common reason – to aid the archer and make his aim more accurate.

Here’s A Buying Guide For Archery Accessories | Outdoor Warrior

Whether you’ll be using your bow for hunting or for practice shooting, you would want to set it up correctly to maximize your effectiveness as an archer.  The compound bow is the most common type of bow, among the many types available. A compound bow can be equipped with accessories, so it’s important to know which archery accessories you’re gonna need and why you need them.  If you’re new to archery, you might be surprised at how the bow and arrow has advanced as opposed to what you normally see in the movies.  Now let me show you the accessories that you need.

1. Arrow Rest

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The arrow rest holds the arrow at full draw and guides it towards the target upon release.  The are a few different kinds of arrow rest such as the drop away, shoot thru, and pressure/plunger rests.

2. Release Aid

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The release aid helps you draw and hold your bow at full draw.  This accessory helps you maximize your bow’s power and is very useful for heavy bows.

3. Quiver

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This accessory holds your arrows and can be attached to your bow. But it’s not exactly every archer’s favorite because it’s quite bulky.  It limits your mobility and can be a reason for missing the target.

4. Bow Sight

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Everybody knows what a sight is for.  You can attach single or multiple pins to help you aim at certain distances.

5. Stabilizer

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Most stabilizers have vibration dampers attached to it.  This is very important particularly for hunters in the sense that the bow is quieter with these on.  Some say it doesn’t have much impact on the sound produced, but is more essential in adding weight to the bow which mans more control.

6. D Loop

This is a very important piece of accessory for your bow.  The D Loop connects the release aid to the string and prevents it from getting damaged.  It’s really unsafe to shoot with a damaged string so a few dollars worth of installing the D loop is worth it.

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Watch this video for tech tips on bow stabilizers by Lancaster Archery Supply.

There are a few other accessories that you can add up in your archery equipment.  I just came up with this list to provide you with the main ones that you need in terms of helping you become more accurate and effective as an archer.  Once you have these installed on your bow, you’re good to go.

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