The Art Of Choosing The Best Archery Equipment | Outdoor Warrior

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A plethora of suggestions and factors to consider often leaves a novice archer confused when choosing the best archery equipment. Searching the internet can overwhelm someone especially when they are not properly guided. We all know that having the right or the exact equipment can level up your shooting skills. So we round up five of the best tips that a newbie or intermediate archer can get. Scroll down and find out more about the art of choosing the right and the best gear for you. Follow these simple tips and you can never go wrong.

The Art Of Choosing The Best Archery Equipment | Outdoor Warrior

Choosing the best archery equipment is not a difficult task at all. Yes, it can sometimes confuse a novice archer due to tons of factors to consider and products to choose from but it is definitely fun and exciting. Adding accessories simple means that there is progress happening in your game and when you're armed with the appropriate equipment it can chances of hitting the target is higher. Below is a list of tips gathered from the finest and seasoned archers to help you in finding the best equipment that archery can offer.

1 . Choose the right bow

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The first thing you need to do is get yourself a bow. But there are factors that you need to consider when choosing the right one for you. You have to determine first the appropriate bow size and if you're a left-handed or a right-handed archer. Choosing the right draw length and draw weight plays a major role in finding the right bow regardless if you're using a compound, a recurve or even a traditional bow. Just think of it as choosing the right footwear for you.

2. The right arrow

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After choosing the right bow for you now is the time to choose the appropriate arrow. For novice archers, you need to get an arrow that fits your draw length. Here's a chart that will guide you in choosing the right length of arrows. The materials used are also considered because it also has its pros and cons. Do a quick research first or talked to some seasoned archers and you'll surely get an unsolicited opinion.

3. Determine the appropriate sight

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As a novice archer, you need to determine the appropriate type of bow sight to ensure your accuracy. An effective shooting also relies on your sight and sometimes finding the right one can cause frustration especially if you're new to the sport. I suggest you start with the basic sights first before getting a better and more expensive one.

4. Accessorize

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As time progress and so is your skill level, you will eventually change parts or add accessories that will provide you a more competitive edge. Accessorizing is part of your ever-growing enthusiasm for the sport and it is inevitable for every passionate archer. Adding protective measures is definitely a must for everyone who wishes to engage in a sport that involves weapons such as archery. You always need to remember that safety and comfort shouldn't be compromised just for the sake of modification.

5. Personalize your equipment

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Every archer wants their bows to have a personal touch. They want them to have a look that will identify their style, their team, and whatnot. Different color, brands, and types of bows and arrows, are flooding every archery shop providing us a wide variety to choose from and not to mention other accessories from arm guards to quivers are readily available to fit our specific need or style.

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Having the right and appropriate archery equipment will surely bring out the best in you. In my opinion, being comfortable with your set up is one of the keys to success in the field of archery. You don't have to spend a lot of money and buy everything you can get your hands on. Think and do some research first before heading out to you favorite archery shops because a poor set up will suck out all the fun that this awesome sport can provide. Tell us what you think about these tips by dropping your two cents in the comments below.

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