Archery Tag Is IN And It Is Fun!

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October 14, 2023 / Comments Off on Archery Tag Is IN And It Is Fun!

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It's summer season now and most of you will probably have some idle time to do other things.

But if you are looking for some excitement to make it more fun, then why not try the latest sports craze today called Archery Tag?  It's easy to play, and most of all, it gets your energy up.

Archery Tag Is IN And It Is Fun!

Archery Tag is a combat sport that combines paintball, dodge ball, and laser tag while employing the skills of archery.

It's a fun game that's safe and can be played both indoors and outdoors, and the only weapon you can use is a bow and arrow.

Much like the riveting scenes from Robin Hood, you draw out your arrows, run, and cover, and then carefully aim for your target. You start shooting until you're the last person standing in the combat zone.

Objectives Of Archery Tag

The main objective of the game is to ‘tag' the members of your opponent. Using a foam-tipped arrow, a player must start hitting the body parts of the other team.

Once a player is ‘hit', he/she is eliminated from the game. Another objective is to topple down the five discs or stacks of the opponent's camp.

An eliminated player is able to come back once a target spot is knocked down or when his/her own teammate catches an arrow.

Is It Safe?

Considering the use of bow and arrow as the main equipment in the game may question its safety. But according to archery Tag experts, the game is harmless and can definitely be used for contact sports.

The only difference from the popular archery we know is that the arrow is wrapped and protected with foam. That said, pain is virtually not felt, and no wounds or bruises can be incurred. The only safety equipment required is a face mask and arm guards—pretty simple.

Equipment And Uniforms

The official game equipment includes Arm Guards, Face Masks, Archery Tag Bows, and Archery Tag Foam-Tipped Arrows.

Only specialized and licensed locations can sell these items. As for uniforms, there's actually no required outerwear for any players. But anyone who has athletic gear will definitely have a competitive edge versus players who wear constricting clothes.

Athletic shoes are also recommended for this fast-paced game since you'll be running and moving a lot. Gym shorts and comfortable athletic tees are also suggested for easy movement.

Age Requirements

Although this contact sport is not considered dangerous, there is still a limit on the player's age. At least aged eight and above is able to play this game.

Also, anyone below 18 years old will still have to sign a waiver with their parents or legal guardian so they can be allowed to get into the combat area and play the game.

Getting Points

Scoring in Archery Tag is very simple where one method is to get points. A player will receive a score of ten points if he/she hits another opponent and knocks down the spot-target. It's a fast-paced game, so having a plan is crucial if you want to win.

These are the three basic criteria to win: a.) Whichever team eliminates all the members of their opponent, b.) The team who takes down all or with the highest spot-target taken down on their opponent, and c.) The team with the least centers missing from their spot target.

If your team does the most of any of the three criteria, then they win the game. Read some more rules here.

Fun, Fun, Fun

Remember that Archery Tag is all about fun, fun, and some more fun. Though the feeling of winning is good, the game also allows you to recognize your own abilities as well as your other teammates.

It's a team sport, so sharing your best efforts would definitely pay off if you all do good. If you're not the most skilled player in the bunch, a little practice and e determination will make you the best player possible.

Watch this video from Archery Tag and see how fun it is.

Archery Tag is now the latest craze in sports combat. It's a good source of fun and excitement as well as a perfect body exercise to make you more active. Who needs airsoft rifles or paintball when you can have this much fun?

Know more about archery right here

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