[Watch This] An Impressive Modern Sporting Rifle – The NEMO Arms Inc OMEN ASP 16″ 300 Win Mag Carbine

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Have you ever heard of a 16″ modern sporting rifle that’s calibrated to a .300 Win Mag? If you’re doubtful, you better believe it ’cause NEMO Arms Inc was able to create this awesomely accurate rifle with the best engineering and rifle technology. What’s more, this rifle is the first of its kind and is definitely a revolutionary modern sporting rifle!

[Watch This] An Impressive Modern Sporting Rifle – The NEMO Arms Inc OMEN ASP 16″ 300 Win Mag Carbine

Short, Lightweight, And Deadly Modern Sporting Rifle – The OMEN ASP

The NEMO OMEN ASP is a very powerful rifle that can fire .300 Winchester Magnum cartridges in an AR 15 platform. This takes form in a Carbine length and is the ultimate rifle for sporting and hunting. This weapon is very smooth and has enhanced recoil reduction engineering that makes it a lot easier to stay on target and release follow up shots. Read on to learn more about this amazing sporting rifle by NEMO Arms!


The 416 Stainless Steel barrel is what makes this rifle so unique, adding the very lightweight stock for a very portable weight. This awesome rifle takes pride in its NEMO Muzzle Brake, originally designed and engineered by NEMO Arms that manages the recoil of this very powerful rifle.


The NEMO Integrated Free-Floating Handguard makes for a perfectly accurate shot, even at distances from 350 yards up to a mile away.

This rifle is insanely powerful and accurate making it one of the best modern sporting rifles available in the market today. One does not simply acquire a lightweight Carbine with the power to fire a .300 Win Mag cartridge like this NEMO Auxiliary Sniper Platform that manages the recoil very efficiently, you won’t feel like you’re shooting a Magnum cartridge! This rifle is truly a game-changing modern sporting rifle!

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