Australian Man Faces 5 Years For Having Airsoft Arsenal? WTF?

airsoft guns

January 27, 2016 / Comments (2)

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airsoft guns

Australian man's airsoft collection

A man in Australia is facing 5 years in jail for having an arsenal of Airsoft guns.

Yes, you read that right, folks. This poor sap can't get real guns so he buys fake ones—and gets into a lot of trouble for it.
And, if the Benghazi Butcher gets her way, this is exactly what she'd like to see here in the Free World. Hopefully, American wakes up and begins to see her lies for what they really are.
Of course, it wouldn't be fair to say that he was arrested just for having Airsoft guns, because the 27 year old man also had a small amount of meth and oxycodone. In all, he had nine Airsoft guns, including an obviously very scary looking AK47, a Glock and a sniper rifle.
Gives me the chills just thinking about all those deadly Airsoft guns…
Not sure why, but for some reason, these “guns” are considered “firearms” in Australia. It seems silly to us, here in America, but that's what happens when you let your freedoms diminish. I mean, these things shoot plastic pellets and are made out of plastic. They are realistic, though, which is probably the basis for them being banned to begin with.

What do you think about this?

The radical left has already told us what they're planning to do (well, some of them have), as can be seen in Georgia. Do you think Killary will try to end “Gun Violence” by any means necessary? Let us know in the comments section.
Here is the full article from the Daily Telegraph.

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