Gun Shows Closing Down in California – What It Means

March 20, 2020 It’s unfortunately no surprise that the push for the closure of gun shows in California has begun to reach critical mass, although the Coronavirus outbreak may be slowing things down...

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March 20, 2020 / Comments (0)

Trump’s Emergency State – What It Could Mean for You

March 20, 2020 This last Friday (the 13th, no less), President Trump declared a state of emergency in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Now, many of us lovers of the Second Amendment automatically get...

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March 20, 2020 / Comments (2)

How You Can Stand Up For the Second Amendment, Too

March 19, 2020 March 10, 2020, will be a day of infamy… or just fame, for us at least! It’ll be a great day for Jerry Wayne, the heroic advocate for the Second Amendment who stood up to Joe Biden...

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March 19, 2020 / Comments (1)

Coronavirus Pandemic Brings to Light the Truth About Gun Control

March 18, 2020 Within a matter of a week, our entire country has changed. Businesses have shuttered, curfews have been imposed, travel and tourism have all but ceased, and overrun retailers are rationing...

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March 18, 2020 / Comments (6)

Gun Sales Surge as Coronavirus Pandemic Escalates

March 17, 2020 If you’ve tried purchasing a firearm recently, you may have noticed inventory is low. You might have waited in a long line just to get inside a gun store. As tensions rise over the...

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March 17, 2020 / Comments (1)

Banning Firearms Already a Possibility as Coronavirus Fears Escalate

March 16, 2020 As COVID-19 panic sweeps the nation, states and municipalities are declaring States of Emergency in an effort to impact citizens’ behaviors. A declared State of Emergency gives local...

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March 16, 2020 / Comments (1)

Rights Infringement Imminent as Coronavirus Panic Rises 

March 13, 2020 Coronavirus this, coronavirus that… it’s all sounding a bit crazy out there. Even worse, many of the usual suspects are taking this latest crisis and using it as an excuse to infringe...

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March 13, 2020 / Comments (1)

A SHTF Plan For Your Pets | Bugging Out With Man’s Best Friend

March 3, 2020 A third of Americans own at least one pet. This is a testament to how popular domesticated animals are in this country. Pets play an important role in the home–they relieve stress,...

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March 3, 2020 / Comments (11)

SHTF Life Hacks | Secret Prepper Tip List

February 29, 2020 You’re about to discover life-changing SHTF hacks that will impress even an experienced prepper. Get ready! In this article: Open Rusty Lids with a Duct Tape Create Arrowheads out of...

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February 29, 2020 / Comments (35)

Gun Control Legislature Being Voted On In Virginia

February 27, 2020 On Monday, lawmakers in Virginia geared up to hear a number of bills related to gun control. If signed into law, they would allow localities to pass their own gun control laws and a red...

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