Brass Prep For Rifles [PODCAST]

April 22, 2021 RELATED: Rifle Basics And How To Charge A Case Brass Prep For Rifles Hello, and welcome to the Reloading Podcast here on the Firearms Radio Network. Tonight the gang is going down the...

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What To Do After Defensive Shooting? [PODCAST]

April 21, 2021 RELATED: Top 5 Home Defense Handguns Under $400 What To Do After Defensive Shooting? You’ve been involved in a defensive shooting — ideally a shooting and not a gunfight. What...

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Discussion About Movie Guns & Props

April 20, 2021 The Bunny has put Chris Wood with Leviathan Group in our basket for this episode. We are talking movie guns and props with Chris. RELATED: A Behind The Scenes Look At Movie Guns Movie Guns...

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Best Caliber for Hunting | Which is Best for You?

April 15, 2021 Every hunter needs the best caliber for hunting to stand a chance at a successful day outdoors. Here is a roundup of the best calibers in the market. RELATED: The 9mm As a Hunting...

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Rifle Basics And How To Charge A Case

April 13, 2021 This episode by The Reloading Podcast will talk about the basics of rifle and putting powder in the prepped case. RELATED: Basic Parts Of A Gun How To Charge A Case Hello, and welcome to...

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Gun Gear Talk: We Like Shooting Podcast

April 12, 2021 This episode of We Like Shooting will talk about different gears and weapons from Molotov cocktails to the latest tech in the gun world. RELATED: Simple, Low-Tech, High Security Perimeter...

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Discussion With Kenaz Tactical Group: AR-15 Podcast

April 9, 2021 This episode of AR-15 will talk with the Kenaz Tactical Group and talk about guns. RELATED: Tactical And Military Language | Terms And Slang  Kenaz Tactical Group No tip this week since...

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Wilderness & Weapons: Black Diamonds Guns And Gear Podcast

April 8, 2021 This episode of Black Diamond Guns and Gear will talk about wilderness and weapons. RELATED: The Ultimate Food Guide for Wilderness Survival Wilderness and Weapons We are here to provide...

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Sig Sauer Romeo 7s and Juliet 3 Micr‪o‬ | The Mag Life Podcast [LISTEN]

March 26, 2021 In this week’s MagLife Podcast, Daniel meets with Jack Lapham, Sig Electro Optics Product Manager, in charge of enclosed red dots, magnifiers, and battle sights. RELATED: Laser Sights:...

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Magpul New Products | The Mag Life Podcast [LISTEN]

March 25, 2021 In this episode of The Mag Life Podcast, Daniel interviews the Executive Vice President of Magpul, Duane Liptak, a pioneer and powerful voice in the firearms community. RELATED: Custom...

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