The American Sniper Rifles: Rifles Used By American Sniper Chris Kyle

September 24, 2019 Meet the American Sniper Rifles used by American Sniper Chris Kyle here in this new episode of Everything Guns by Amy Jane! RELATED: Sniper Rifle Facts | 5 Things You Didn’t Know About...

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September 24, 2019 / Comments (5)

Who’s Really Behind Gun Violence?

September 11, 2019 Lock up guns because–gun violence? Sounds ridiculous, right? But, this is how the anti-2nd Amendment sees it. Let’s get down this path and humor them why we put the blame on...

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The Best Handguns For Home Defense

January 9, 2019 Expand your knowledge about the best handguns for home defense and why these firearms will get the job done. RELATED: Why Carry A Gun: 5 Reasons Why And The 2nd Amendment 10 of the Best...

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